Ren Hang in Peace (R.H.I.P.)

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Ren Hang in Peace (R.H.I.P.)

From April 22, 2022 20:00 to April 28, 2022 21:00


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Ren Hang in Peace (R.H.I.P.)

When Galleri image closes and the sun sets, the exhibition space will set the stage for the new play Ren Hang in Peace (R.H.I.P) about the renowned Chinese photographer Ren Hang, made possible by Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening. The play can be experienced in Galleri Images from 22 -28 April. Note that the play will be in Danish. Tickets can be bought here.

Ren Hang in Peace (R.H.I.P.) 
Ren Hang in Peace (R.H.I.P) is a research based play about the internationally renowned Chinese art photographer Ren Hang – his life and artistic practice, his struggles and too early death. Ren Hang comitted suicide in Februrary 2017. He was only 29 years old. Ren Hang is most well-known for his body positive depictions of the Chinese youth population. His works challenged Chinese censorship and caused a stir around the world. As he put it in an interview: ”I want to show that in China we are not robots – but people with genitals and a sexuality.”

Ren Hang in Peace (R.H.I.P) is a story about the relationship between the external societal reality and the inner private space; a single individual in the form of a Chinese LGBTQIA+ contemporary artist with severe depression in a the world’s largest country, where mental illness isn’t discussed publicly. The play’s manuscript can be characterised as a recycling mix, built on materials in Chinese consisting of a monologue, poems, photographs, blog posts written by Ren Hang and a collection of interviews and biographic films, in which Ren Hang appears. The material has not previously been presented in Denmark.  

Galleri Image and Photographic Centre as stage settings
The exhibition spaces in Galleri Image in Aarhus and Photographic Centre in Copenhagen set the stage for the play, AFTER the exhibitions have been closed, in a gesture that points to Ren Hang’s working conditions in China, as he had to make himself less visible in order to create his art.  

About the photographer Ren Hang
Ren Hang was born in 1987 in ChangChun in Northeastern China and moved to Beijin at the age of 17 to study communication & marketing. He became interested in photography by coincidence, and when describing the process of photography itself, it was a improvisation with concrete locations as a starting point. He saw himself as a versatile photographer, who was interested in several kinds of art photography including landscape photography, men he was predominantly known as a body positive photographer with nude models as the subjects. However, he felt pigeonholed by the people who described him as a nude photographer.

The play is meant as a tribute to Ren Hang for his unwavering courage and talent, his ability and will to create despite inner turmoil, external resistance and censorship.  

Related events organised by Galleri Image in collaboration with Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening, Aarhus University, Øst for Paradis - Art Cinema and Photography of China:
We will present a screening of Ximing Zhang’s documentary about Ren Hang, I’ve Got a Little Problem (2016) at 2 pm on 23 April 2022 in the cinema Øst for Paradis. 
About the director: Ximing Zhang (CHN) was born in 1985 in Liaoning in Northeastern China. He has studied at the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication with a major in animation.

In connection with the staging of play, we also present the lecture Photography in China and its Histories with Marine Cabos-Brullé at Aarhus University on 26 April at 10 - 12 in room 1483-444 (Nobelparken). The lecture is presented in a collaboration between Galleri Image, China Studies at Aarhus University, Photography of China and Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening. The lecture will be in English.


Galleri Image i Aarhus: 22 April to 28 April 2022
Photographic Centre in Copenhagen: 28 March - 9 April 2022
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Idea and script: Gritt Uldall-Jessen and Jimbut Jun Feng (DK/CHN)
Director: Johan Sarauw
Cast: Zenghao Yang (CHN) and Troels Kortegaard Ullerup
Sound design: Asger Kudahl
Lighting elements: Brian Larsen and Jakob Juul
Scenographic elements: Gu Mingwen (CHN) and Veronica Fabon Jacobsen
Technician, organiser: Brian Larsen and Jens Mønsted

The performance is produced by Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening in collaboration with prfrm - production and dissemination of performing

The performance is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the Bikuben Foundation, the William Demant Foundation, the S.C. Van Foundation, the city of Copenhagen and the city of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen)