Spare Parts by Freya Sif Hestnes

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Spare Parts by Freya Sif Hestnes

From November 20, 2020 16:00 to January 10, 2021 17:00


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Spare Parts by Freya Sif Hestnes

Galleri Image presents the exhibition Spare Parts with photographic and video artworks by the Danish artist Freya Sif Hestnes. The exhibition opened Friday 20 November 2020 and closed early on 9 December 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

There is a body stuck to the end of my brain. It is digesting. It is growing hair. It is producing saliva, sweat, warmth. All these processes function simultaneously with everything else. While we focus, interpret, get distracted. While we consume and try to be real. While we put up wallpaper and think of what to have for dinner. We lean against fences that trace shadows on our skin. We take up space. We leave trails.

Hestnes’s exhibition Spare Parts is a series of compositions – everyday situations, pinpointing the connection and disconnection between our physical and mental selves. Hestnes is inspired by the nature morte tradition and the vanitas motifs of Baroque art, where the depiction of objects in a state of depravity and decay is central. Loose body parts linger between object and abject, simultaneously repulsive and present. It is brutal to realise that you have a body.

We are eyes, faces, lungs, hands. We are bones and blood. We are arms and legs. But we are also made up of parts that we do not even know the name of. We are intestines that have the same surface area as tennis courts. We are cuticles. We are busy bacteria. Until the day this busy stops.

You are tendons, nails, nerves, tissue. Fragile. An abattoir of parts in a brittle construction, neatly packaged in skin to hide its dull grey brown colour. Tired livers. Stubbed toes. Mitochondria. We avoid going to the dentist because we are afraid of what they will find – a fault in our health and a reminder that we have abused it. Corrupted it. That, which we call our body. Not at first, but over time. Over our instances. In marks we leave on ourselves, on each other. On what is neighbouring.

Spare Parts is a toast to our bodies and the trials that befall it. To our belly buttons. To our sunburns and to our bunions. To all our parts that work chronically and have nothing to spare. To sit and think about our lungs inflating and deflating. Inflating. Deflating. Inflating. Deflating. And how they will continue to do so, until they do not.

About the artist:
Freya Sif Hestnes (b. 1986) is a visual- and performing artist, living in Copenhagen. She as a BFA in photography from Valand Academy (SE) and a degree in scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (NO). Since graduating in 2017, she has exhibited at galleries throughout Scandinavia and toured in large parts of Europe as a performer and scenographer in her own productions. Hestnes is a present figure in the independent performing arts field as well as theatres in Denmark, most recently as a scenographer in the Reumert-winning performance "Brøgger" at Teater Republique.

Through video, installation and performance, she explores how personal stories can find a place in the collective. Hestnes examines the world through small stagings of reality where humor, absurdity and sensory experience merge into documentary and autobiography. Here, everyday objects often appear as markers of the complex relationship between humans and their material environment.

Text by Andy Allen-Olivar.

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The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen).