Time Times Three

For the exhibition Time Times Three Rebecca Krasnik created a site-specific installation and a 3D computer animation
Exhibition duration:
15-01-2021 - 07-03-2021
Computer and installation art
Time Times Three
Rebecca Krasnik
Galleri Image presented the exhibition Time Times Three with computer and installation art by the Danish artist Rebecca Krasnik.

Krasnik created a site-specific installation and a 3D computer animation that plays with the physical space and ideas on linear time. 
In the animation the hippopotamus lies alone in its void, completely calm and peaceful in the water. But each time it opens its mouth to bare its large teeth, we are reminded that it is aggressive, lethally dangerous and wild.
The hippopotamus represents something it is not -- in fact it is made of numbers in a computer. Codes create its life in an alternate world that continues endlessly. The animation is not just a video played in a loop, but is created by algorithms that produce random occurrences over time. This allows the artwork to continue endlessly in both time and space -- until the software crashes or the hardware breaks. 

The site-specific installation acts as a connection between the physical space and the technical qualities of the computer animation. It consists of staircases that stretch from the now into the future, towards  alternate timelines. 
Together they make up an exploration of a reality in which time is fluent, endless and individual.  

In conjunction with the exhibition, Galleri Image organised the talk "Conversations about Time and Technology". The talk based its discussions on ideas on technological developments, such as photography from around the turn of the 19th century. It initiated discussions on how technological developments continue to affect the production and interpretation of images today. The talk thereby examined the thoughts and ideas that lie behind the production and consumption of computer generated imagery; the temporal and spatial possibilities which occur within them; and the effect these possibilities have on the ways in which we experience time and space. 
The talk is available on Galleri Image's Vimeo.

About the Artist 

Rebecca Krasnik (b. 1987) is a Danish Visual Artist based in Copenhagen. She has an MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from School of Visual Arts, New York City, USA. Krasnik's art has been exhibited in New York, London, Copenhagen, and more. Her exhibition at Galleri Image is her first solo show in Aarhus.

Read more on the artist's website: www.rebeccakrasnik.info 

The exhibition was supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the city of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen), The A.P. Møller Foundation, The William Demant Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation.