Liminoid Shrine

Małgorzata Żurada (PL) have transformed The Demo Room at Galleri Image into what she calls a “liminoid shrine.”
Exhibition duration:
31-01-2020 - 28-02-2020
Liminoid Shrine
Małgorzata Żurada
Małgorzata Żurada (PL) have transformed The Demo Room at Galleri Image into what she calls a “liminoid shrine.” 
The exhibition opened at Galleri Image 31 January 2020 4 - 6 pm. 

Liminoid Shrine is open till 27 February 2020.

About the installation:
The artist draws inspiration from Polish kapliczka, or “small chapels” - outdoor shrines that house images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or Christian saints. Kapliczka can be found throughout Poland, often as standalone structures along roadways and intersections, or as smaller shrines mounted to the outside of buildings and within windows. 

Żurada is interested in the “in-betweenness” of such semi-public shrines. Kapliczka represent an element of one reality transposed into another, as pockets of sacred space in otherwise profane landscapes. They are out of the ordinary and out of place, as thresholds to the spiritual realm. 

The artist similarly wishes to play with the in-betweenness of the The Demo Room. As a street-level window gallery, The Demo Room is located on the border of Galleri Image and Vestergade, at once below ground and above ground, accessible yet insulated. 

More broadly, Żurada is interested in the social construction of semi-public shrines. For this she turns to cultural anthropologist Victor Turner. Turner describes shrines like kapliczka as “liminal” because they are spaces of spiritual transformation, where worshippers approach as sinners and, through prayer, walk away forgiven. In contrast, the “liminoid” allows for different kinds of transformations, as spaces for voluntary, playful, and spontaneous experimentation that may subvert social norms and lead to novel outcomes. 

In this spirit of Turner, Żurada’s liminoid shrine will not act as a space for earnest religious devotion, but will instead deconstruct the aesthetics of kapliczka in order to investigate the meaning and function of public shrines.

Liminoid Shrine is the first of three exhibitions at The Demo Room featuring former AaBKC Residency artists-in-residents and is presented in collaboration with Aarhus billedkunstcenter/ Aarhus Center for Visual Art. Curated by Pam Grombacher.

About the artist:
Małgorzata Żurada (PL) is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Zurich (CH). She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (MFA in 2002) and took part in many exhibitions and a-i-r programs in Poland and abroad. Her area of interest revolves around the notions of meaning and belief. She develops her works from esoteric theories and rituals of past and present. The main areas of her research are visual languages connected to various belief systems and means of coding secret knowledge. She’s a recipient of various grants and awards, including the scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland in 2016.