Haunting Prop-blem

Exhibition duration:
08-03-2019 - 04-04-2019
Haunting Prop-blem
Haunting Prop-blem was split between geographic destinations: POP-UP KUNSTRUM in Vejle and the Demo Room in Galleri Image in Aarhus. In the piece, Gjerding works with sculptural positionings, which when they are combined create a collage of video and objects that explore the relationship betweeen prosthetic, image and body. 

The Demo Room also presented the sound piece, ..singing cuckoo song, a modulation of the piece s/he should not think further about the shells from 2017, wherin the vocalooid PRIMA sings a ynger en flerstemmig kanon.

Sophia Ioannou Gjerding graduated from The Jutland Art Academy in 2018. She works with installaion, video, objects and sound. Generally, her practice is an exploration of our contemorary understandings of iamges and the new hierarchies that occur in virtual reality. 

Demo is a series of exhibitions that unfold simoultaniously in two exhibition spaces: In the Demo Room and on a website with sound pieces. SOphia Ioannou Gjerding is the second artistexhibited in Demo.

The exhibition was presentd at an artist talk on 29. april 2019.

The exhibition format is curarted by visual artists Sophia Ioannou Gjerding and William Kudahl.

Demo is supported by the City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen).