Thomas Kellner visits Aarhus

The German photographer Thomas Kellner was visiting Aarhus from the 28th of October until the 4th of November to prepare his contribution to the project FRESH EYES - international artists rethink Aarhus
Exhibition duration:
28-10-2014 - 04-11-2014
Thomas Kellner visits Aarhus
Thomas Kellner
”His photographic assults stretch from il Colosseo and la Tour Eiffel to Times Square and the Golden Gate Bridge, and at this point very few major American or European cities are innocent of his fracturing gaze”    

Richard Wendorf about Thomas Kellner    

This fall the time has finally come for Aarhus to have the pleasure of welcoming the German photographer Thomas Kellner. From 28 October to 4 November Kellner will be visiting the Jutlandic capital to prepare his contribution to the project FRESH EYES – international artists rethink Aarhus, which is a cooperation between Galleri Image and Aarhus Centre for Literature. The project was initiated in 2013 and Kellner is the fourth artist to pay Aarhus a visit in connection with FRESH EYES.  

At the beginning of his artistic practice Thomas Kellner was strongly influenced by experimental and conceptual photography. In 1997 he began developing his ‘architectural photocollages’, which would later become his trademark style. Kellner constructs his works of a vast number of 35 mm contact sheets of the same architectural structure. This artistic method gives the images an obvious fragmentary, pseudo-kaleidoscopic and almost humorous quality. Kellner often uses architectural structures in his work which are visually recognisable or iconic in western culture.

During his visit to Aarhus he will be attempting to transform his idea of Denmark as a northern country by the seaside into a visual expression. He plans to achieve this by visually converting one of the iconic buildings by Aarhus harbour into a wave.

Seminar: In connection with the visit by Thomas Kellner the seminar 3 Talks on Art, Architecture and Media Architecture will be held on Monday 3. November at 7.30 pm. at Godsbanen vogn1. The seminar speakers will be Thomas Kellner, artist and headmaster at The Jutland Art Academy Jesper Rasmussen and chairman of The 2014 Media Architecture Biennale in Aarhus Martin Brynskov.