Irish photographer Miriam O’Connor on recidency in Aarhus

Irish photographer Miriam O'Connor visited Aarhus in August 2014 in relation to the project FRESH EYES
Exhibition duration:
18-08-2014 - 31-08-2014
Irish photographer Miriam O’Connor on recidency in Aarhus
Miriam O'Connor
The Irish photographer Miriam O’Connor will be visiting Aarhus from the 18th until the 31st of August in connection to the project FRESH EYES – international artists rethink AarhusShe will be the third artist to contribute to the art project which also includes the English photographer Tom Lovelace and Portuguese artist Inês d’Orey who payed Aarhus a visit in the months of August and December 2013. The project is a collaboration between Galleri Image and Aarhus Centre for Literature.   

As an artist invited to contribute to the project, FRESH EYES - international artists rethink Aarhus, O’Connor’s focus will be to reflect on what it means to cast a ‘fresh eye’ on a city that has been photographed countless times. Images of Aarhus can be readily gleaned from innumerable sources such as image archives, websites, Google maps, books or holiday guides. It is through such sources that ideas are already conjured up about what Aarhus might look like, what is important to see, or how it wishes to be seen by others. If the cities main tourist attractions map out the way in which the city should be negotiated - what could possibly be obscured, what might lie in-between, or how important is experience as a means in which to engage with this city? Like thousands of holidaymakers before her who have stopped off at Aarhus, O’Connor intends to visit the cities star attractions, yet her approach will be to shift awareness away from the spectacle towards sights observed both in-between and around the main tourist attractions. Steering off track, taking unconventional courses, embracing chance detours and welcoming diversions will all be adopted as she journey throughout the city as a means in which to consider again how to look at Aarhus.    

Friday 22 of August at 3 – 4 pm.: Miriam O’Connor will have an artist talk in Galleri Image about her artistic practice.

The project is in 2014 supported by Aarhus Municipality and the Stibo-Foundation.