Monument (Untitled)

The Norwegian artist duo Heidi-Anett & Lena Katrine / Lena Katrine & Heidi-Anett consists of Heidi-Anett Haugen (b.1985) and Lena Johansen (b.1980).
Exhibition duration:
06-01-2014 - 19-01-2014
Monument (Untitled)
Heidi-Anett & Lena Katrine
In the video piece Monument (Untitled) the two artists are seen walking into the image frame of the camera from opposite sides. When they reach the middle, they lie down to create a sculptural form, a monument, by means of their joint body posture. After several minutes they dismantle the form in unison and leave the stage together. With Monument (Untitled) the artists explore the monument as a form, by asking questions like: What is a monument? For whom is it made? Who writes the history as we know it? 

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