To Have & To Lose

TO HAVE OR TO LOSE is a result of Mireia Sallarés' meeting with different women and their sharing of dramatic life stories. Mireia Sallarès' photographs recreate and reflect on the cynicism, absurdity, pain and loneliness from which these women are suffering.
Exhibition duration:
29-08-2008 - 05-10-2008
To Have & To Lose
Mireia Sallarès
The lost Paradise, the small death, women's sexuality, freedom, identity and existence.
Through three installations, consisting of video projections, neon lights, posters and photographs in light shafts, Mireia Sallarès presents the viewer with her encounter with various women's narratives of destiny. Through the women's personal life stories, she depicts the way each woman creates her own identity in relation to the social structures. The stories revolve around an Algerian woman and her mobile pizza truck, a young Spanish girl trying to get an American residence permit, and Mexican women, whose sexuality is connected with joy as well as assaults from the country's macho culture.

In TO HAVE OR TO LOSE Mireia Sallarès' projections, scenes and installations aim at recreating and reflecting on the cynicism, absurdity, pain and loneliness that she believes the citizens are often suffering from. She gets her ideas from her own story, from her friends, and not least from the people she meets in the public space.
As the very first exhibition space, Galleri Image shows the work, LAS MUERTAS CHIQUITAS.
Moritz Neumüller curates the exhibition.

Opening: Friday 29th of August at 3 pm.
Mireia Sallarés will be present.

Workshop on contemporary Spanish art: Saturday 30th of August at 2 pm.
Mireia Sallarès speaks about her artistic practice, just as Moritz Neumüller, curator, Barcelona, delivers a lecture on Contemporary Spanish Art.

Aarhus Festival, Montana Møbler, Vilhelm Kiers Fond, Illum Fondet,, Konsul George Jorck og Hustru Emma Jorcks Fond and the Spanish Embassy in Denmark support the exhibition.