1977 to now

The Founding of Galleri Image
Galleri Image was founded by the American photographer Fred Licht. The first exhibition at the gallery was by Carsten Langkilde in November, 1977.

Galleri Image's location since 1977

Vestergade 29, Århus C (01.01.2002 - now)
Toldbodgade 8, Århus C (01.08.1989 - 31.12.2001)
Mødelokale, Marselisborg Allé 33B, Århus C (01.12.1986 - 01.08.1989)
Different locations, primarily Århus Kunstmuseum (01.12.1986 - 01.08.1989)
Graven 25, Århus C (01.08.1981 - 31.11.1986) 
Mejlgade 16, Århus C (01.07.1977 - 31.07.1981)


Rebecca Krasnik: "Time Times Three" (January 15th - March 7th) // Sarah Schorr: "The Color of Water" (March 12th - May 23rd) // Helena Gonçalves: "Raiz" (May 28th - June 27th)

Sasha Huber: “Agassiz (All) Over” (January 10th – March 1st) // Myne Søe-Pedersen: “Stages of Conception” (March 6th – June 25th) // Mariya Kozhanova: "In Our Nature" (August 14th - September 20th) // Wang Ningde: "No Name" (September 25th - November 15th) // Freya Sif Hestnes: "Spare Parts" (November 20th - January 10th 2021)

Maria Meinild: "A HUM" (January 4th – February 24th) // Anna Ridler, Kristoffer Ørum, LaTurbo Avedon, Michael Mandiberg, Petra Cortright, Rosemary Lee, Sarah Schorr, Sebastian Lütgert a.k.a. Robert Luxemburg, Winnie Soon: "ScreenShots: Desire and Automated Image" (March 8th – April 28th) // Arko Datto: PIK-NIK (May 3rd – June 23rd) // Virgile Novarina, Walid Breidi: ”Performance: Sleep in the city” (June 17th – June 18th) // Andre Viking, Nils Stelte, Rocco Venezia: ”Staged Salvations” (August 9th – September 8th) // Signe Klejs: ”Blown Away – A Butterfly Necropolis” (September 13th – November 3rd) // Ida Nissen: ”Compile Your Inventory” (November 8th – December 20th)  

Mary Coble: "Acting in Numbers" (January 12th - February 25th) // Lisa Strömbeck: "Consolation" (March 2nd -  April 29th) // Kristina Steinbock: "Deconstruction of Already Existing Knowledge of Blindness" (May 4th - June 24th) // Kristoffer Ørum, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Sandra Vaka Olsen og Valérie Collart: "New Tactics - Moving in a Soft Field" (August 24th - October 28th) // Julie Born Schwartz: "Ex-voto" (November 2nd - December 19th) 

Guston Sondin-Kung: "Reconstruction of a Choreograohic Script" (January 13th - February 26th) // Eoin Moylan: "Down in the Valley" (March 3rd - April 23rd) // Birgit Johnsen & Hanne Nielsen: "Kind of Noisy Silence" (May 5th - June 25th) // Hallgerður Hallgrimsdóttir, Stuart Richardson, Kristín Sigurðardóttir, Claudia Hausfeld & Pétur Thomsen:"This Island Earth" (August 19th - October 1st) // Photobook Week Aarhus 2017 (September 21st - September 24th) // Tom Lovelace, Inês d’Orey, Miriam O’Connor, Thomas Kellner, Maja Ingerslev, Markus Henttonen, Hyun-jin Kwak, Liu Jin, Rana ElNemr, Anushree Fadnavis, Teresa Meka, Jacques Jouet, Niviaq Korneliussen, Andri Snær Magnason, Carl Jóhan Jensen, Tsitsi Dangarembga, Abdellah Taïa & Amitabha Bagchi: "FRESH EYES: International Artists Rethink Aarhus" (October 12th - October 29th) // Hyun-Jin Kwak: "Girls In Uniform: A Night at the Opera" (November 2nd - December 17th)  

Vladimir Tomic: "Remembering the Nowhere" (January 15th - March 13th) // Mimi Cherono N'gok: "Always, In Spite of Everything" (March 18th - May 1st) // George Awde, Stefanie Zofia Schulz, Omar Imam, Gohar Dashti, Tanya Habjouqa. Curated by Peggy Sue Amison: "In Between / In Transit" (May 5th - June 26th) // Katarzyna Kozyra, Magdalena Bors, Giorgi Khaburzania: "Summer Delights - Gallery Night Aarhus" (August 19th) // Anu Ramdas, Christian Danielewitz: "Against the Grain" (August 27th - October 9th) // Photobook Week Aarhus 2016 (September 26th - October 2nd 2016) // Sabine Nielsen, Jacques Jouet, Louise Juhl Dalsgaard, Kyungwoo Chun, Martin Glaz Serup, Marianne Jørgensen, Morten Søndergård, Gitte Broeng: "Seminar: Fresh Eyes on Art and Literature in the Public Space" (November 25th) // James Bridle: "Apophenia" (October 14th - December 18th)  

Jane Jin Kaisen: "Loving Belinda" (January 9th - March 8th) // David Stjernholm: "Seedless Grapes" (March 13th - April 26th) // Lijie Zhang: "Atheist" (May 1st - June 28th) // Maj Hasager: "We will meet in the blind spot" (August 21st - October 25th) // Photobook Week Aarhus 2015 (October 8th - October 10th) // Søren Ulrik Thomsen, Hyun-Jin Kwark, Tom Lovelace, Quentin Stevens, Tom Nielsen, Louise Mønster, Elisabeth Skou Pedersen, Julie Boserup, Christian Yde Frostholm, Claus Pedersen, Jesper Rasmussen: seminar "FRESH EYES on Urban Space" (November 19th) //  Ann Cotton, Victoria Durnak, Christian Yde Frostholm, Audun Mortensen, Amailie Smith: "Correspondence" (October 30th - December 20th). 

Antti Laitinen: "Three Knots" (January 10th - February 23rd) // Human Sites Sohn+Isaksen: "Flower! Power of Dreams" (February 28th - May 4th) // Mimi Cherono Ng'Ok: "Postkort fra Gellerup" at Sigrids Stue (April 21st - July 1st) // Bareun, Bora Sung, Changyu Kim, Hyungsik Kim, Youngdon Jung, Youngjin Yoo: "New Generation - De nyeste tendenser i koreansk samtidsfotografi" (May 9th - June 29th) // Rodrigo Braga (various series) at Gallery Night Aarhus (August 22nd) // Stephen Gill: "Series Photographs" (August 29th - October 26th) // "Photobook Week Aarhus" in the Library at Aarhus Architect School (October 9th - October 11th) // Emil Salto: "Abstract cloud, curved line, prism, nothing" (October 31st - December 21st). 

Carina Zunino: "Curtain Falls" (January 11th - February 24th) //  Morten Barker: "Landskabet imellem" (March 1st - April 7th) //  Calé: "Come as You Are" (April 12th - May 20th) // Magdalena Bors: "The Art of Domestic Compulsion" (May 24th - June 30th). Giorgi Khaburzania: "Music of Being" (August 30th - October 6th) // Kurt Tong: "The Queen, The Chairman & I" (October 11th - December 22nd). 

Miriam O'Connor: "Attention Seekers" (January 6th - February 12th) // Pernille Koldbech Fich: "Black" (February 17th - March 18th) // Chris Verene: "Family" (March 23rd - May 6th) // Sonja Lillebæk Christensen: "Almost Heaven" (May 11th - June 24th) // Lasse Krog Møller: "En Samling" (August 24th - October 5th) // The Images of Michael Somoroff and August Sander: "Absence of Subject" (October 12th - November 11th) // Ditte Haarløv Johnsen: "Maputo Diary" (November 16th - December 23rd). 

Søren Dalgaard: "Hibalhidhoo" (January 7th - February 20th) // Tom Lovelace: "Gouge: Disruptions in Landscape Photography" (February 26th - April 3rd) // The State of L3: "Piertopia" (April 8th - May 22nd) // Lotte Fløe Christensen: "Sticks and Stones" (May 27th - June 26th) // Nikita Pirogov: "The other Shore" (August 26th - October 2nd) // The Russian Festival (September 5th-10th) // Richard T. Walker: "A nice View" (October 7th - November 13th) // Jakob Jensen: "Cosmic Riddles" (November 18th - December 19th).  

Mette Bersang: "Untitled Interiors" (January 8th - February 7th) // Seminar on "The photographic space" with Sabine Nielsen og Mette Bersang // Hans Gindlesberger: "I'm in the Wrong Film" (February 12th - March 14th) // Daniel Barroca: "The Covered, Erased or Destroyed Films" (March 19th - April 18th) // Seminar on " Collections" with Louise Wolthers og Daniel Barroca // Lucia Ganieva: "Timeless Stories" (April 23rd - May 23rd) //  Seminar on "Portrait photography" with Irina Tchmeryeva and Lucia Ganieva Timotheus // Tomicek: "Something Human" (May 28th - June 27th) // Nata Pirskalava: "Elusive Return to Images" (August 27th - October 3rd) // Michelle Eistrup: "Whispering Horses" (October 8th - November 14th) // Maja Ingerslev: "Tiden må vente..." (November 19th - December 19th). 

Tomas Lagermand Lundme: "Working Class Hero" (January 9th - February 15th) // Mariana Vassileva: "Index Glass" (February 20th - March 29th) // Inês d'Orey: "Porto Interior" (April 3rd - May 10th) // Seminar on "photograhy, space and architecture " with talks by Moritz Neumûller og Inês d'Orey // Premiere of "Summertale" by Katarzyna Kozyra, Øst for Paradis - Art Cinema, (May 2nd) // Amy Stein: "Domesticated" (May 15th - June 28th) // Seminar ”Mennesker og dyr i kunst”: with talks by Giovanni Aloi, Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer og Amy Stein // Kyungwoo Chun: "Burden or Support" (August 28th - October 4th) // Kyungwoo Chun: "Being a Queen", at Århus Kunstbygning (August 28th - November 1st) // Artist Talk og performance i Bazar Vest, Kyungwoo Chun & Adam Jeppesen: "On Sleepwalking" (October 9th - November 15th) // Trine Søndergaard: "Mono" (November 20th - December 20th). 

Hans E Madsen: "RØD FINGER" (January 4th - January 27th) // Harri Pälviranta: "BATTERED" (February 1st - March 2nd) // Henrik Vering: "Berlin - Die stadt und die beute" (March 7th - April 13th) // Angie Hicks: "Killing Time" (April 18th - May 18th) // Signe Vad: "While We Swallow Deception" // (May 24th - June 22nd) // Mireia Sallarès: "To Have & To Lose" (August 29th - October 5th) // Seminar on Spanish contemporary art // Katarzyna Kozyra: "In Art Dreams Come True", at Århus Kunstbygning (August 29th - October 26th) // Seminar "Krop, køn og identitet " with presentations by Rune Gade and Tina Raun Sergei. // Sviatchenko: "Mirror by Mirror" (October 10th - November 16th) // Nicola Dove: "Observance" (November 21st - December 21st). 

Christian Vind: "SAUHERAD" (January 12th - February 25th) // April Gertler, Barak reiser & Gianluca Maver: "They looked on while it happened" (March 2nd - April 8th) // Seminar with the three artists (March 3rd) // Marla Sweeny: "Salisbury" (April 13th - May 20th) // Antonio Panetta: "Le rectangle blanc" (May 25th - June 24th) // Toshie Takeuchi: "Planet of Rabbits" (August 31st - September 31st) // Seminar on Japanese Contemporary Art and Culture (September 8th) // Pernille With Madsen: "Scener" (October 5th - November 11th) Artist talk with the artist in connection with the Night of Culture, Aarhus // Mette Juul: "A Diary - but not about me" (November 16th - December 21st) Artist Talk (December 18th) // Jacob Tue Larsen, Marc Räder, Myne Søe Pedersen, Janet Cardiff/Charles Bures-Miller, Florian Slotawa, Walter Niedermayr, Tacita Dean & Patty Chang: "Tourist's Tale" - at Århus Kunstbygning (November 23rd, 2007 - January 20th, 2008) Seminar with the curators Søren Lose and Johanne Løgstrup together with the artist Marc Räder (November 24th). 

Jeanette Land Schou: "Torden og Membran" (January 7th - January 29th) // Annabel Elgar: "We were until we weren't" (February 4th - February 26th) // Sian Bonnell: "everyday dada" (March 4th - March 26th) // Lecture of British Contemporary Art, (March 4th) // Georg Küttinger: "simul - scapes" (March 31st - April 30th) // Ulrik Heltoft: "The One Broken into Two" (May 6th - May 28th) // Jurgita Remeikyte: "Focusing - Foreground and Background" (June 3rd - June 25th) // Nathalie Latham & Richard Fear: "TOUCH Me århus" (August 5th - September 3rd) // Seminar on Arabian Contemporary Photography (September 2nd). Rana El Nemh: "Coastline" (September 1st - October 1st) // Lisa M. Robinson: "Snowbound" (October 6th - October 29th) // Anne Signe Falk (November 3rd - November 26th) // Lykke Andersen: "Scenes and Scenery II" (December 1st - December 22nd).

Birgitta Lund: "In Transit" (January 9th - January 30th) Bo Mølgaard: "[ab]sence" (February 5th - February 27th) // Astrid Kruse Jensen: "Hypernatural" (March 5th - March 27th) // Thomas Kellner: "Tango Metropolis" (April 3rd - April 24th) // Claudia Fährenkemper: "Imago" (April 29th - May 22nd) // Kostas Kiritsis: "Self-Portraits" (May 28th - June 26th) // Michelle Lord: "Four Corners" (August 26th - September 25th) // Ismo Hölttö: "People in the lead role" (September 30th - October 23rd) // Ebbe Stub Wittrup: "Things Happen" (28. October 28th - November 20th) // Bring out the Garbage: "or otherwise as something in between" (November 26th - December 18th) // Rosemaria Rex, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen & Luis Paredes: "Fortællinger i 3 rum" - på Århus Kunstbygning (November 11th - December 18th). 

Ingrid Holmquist: "Magnetic" (January 10th - February 1st) // April Gertler: "Fliegen" (February 6th - February 29th) // Pia Arke: "Score bysundhistorier" (March 5th - March 28th) // Pernille Koldbech Fich: "Søstre" (April 2nd - April 25th) // Lisa Klapstock: "Threshold" (April 30th - May 23rd) // Atila: "Ready Mades" (Maj 29th - June 20th) // Jaime-David Tischler: "Love's Exile" (August 28th - September 26th) // Timo Kelaranta: "Bridge for Lovers" (October 2nd - October 24th) // Jørn Zoëga Olesen: "Places" (October 30th - November 21st) // Camilla Holmgren: "Don't Look Now" (November 27th - December 19th).

Hans Manner Jakobsen: "Delta Autumn" (January) // Aino Kannisto & Maarit Hohteri: "Personal Photograps" (February) // Lecture at the Art Academy of Jutland // Carina Johnsen: "Album" (March) // Jan Rüsz: "Tvelys" (April) // Mario Cravo Neto: Solo exhibition in collaboration with Galleri Esther Woerdehoff (May) // Lili Almog: "Bed Sequence" (June) // Aniu: "Times of Fantasy" (September) // Joakim Eskildsen: "iChickenMoon" (October) // Lecture at Højbjerg PhotoGraphic Workshop // Henrik Saxgren: "Eftersyn" (November) // Lecture at The Architect School Group exhibition, curated by Lasse Krog Møller: Samlinger (December): // Samlingen af Anonymt Fotografisk Materiale (SAFOM) Jan Bäcklund: "Archiveum WALIZKABIUROGRAFYCNA" - Archiwum Honorowy dla Niderlandzkick Fantastykiów Szesnastego (po inwentaryzacje Skolinska) Lotte Skadborg Hansen: "Udsnit af samlingen", Peter Holst Henckel: "The Back of the World", Elsebeth Jørgensen: "Unpacking My Library III: Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac", Lone Haugaard Madsen: "Room #15 "Walls 1996-2003, Lasse Krog Møller: "Samlingens arkiv", Sixten Therkildsen: "Ølsamlingen", Iben West: "Velkommen til mit paulun". 

No exhibition because of venue change // Jane Schreibman: "Astral Allusions" (February) // Gérald Assouline: "Borderlands" (Catalogue) (March) // Trinidad Carrillo: "Maestro Papagayo" (radio show) (April) // Søren Lose: "Rhodes - revisited" (May) // Lecture at Århus Academy // Andrzej P. Bator: "A Paper Piece of Memory" (Catalogue) (June) // André Cepeda: "Anacronia" - Århus Festival (folder) (September) // Thomas Zika: "The third aggregate" (October) // "Counterclockwise", Image's 25th anniversary exhibition in cooperation with the Polaroid Collections Ansel Adams: "Yosemite Fall" 1966 - Sheri Lyn Behr: "Untitled 35886" 1988 Eric Blau: "Fertility Rites III" 1998 - Linda Broadfoot: "Megalorrhina procera" 1997, David Bunn: "Improvisation (Rhytm), with composition nos..." - Eric Cuvillier: "France Man with Dog" 1996, Herbert Döring-Spengler: "Lagerfeld nr.1" 1990 - Stephen Frailey: Untitled" 1994, Luciano Franchi de Alfaro: "Untitled" 1980 - Paolo Gioli: "Volto Inciso" 1990, Lissie Habie: "Bicycle" 1992 - Peggy Hartzell: "Untitled" 1997, Dieter Herrman: "Elba" 1981 - Arunas Kulikauskas: "Eye Glasses" 1996, Pierre-Louis Martin: "St. Cyr-en-Talmondais" 1990 - Michel Medinger: "Still life: Chinese Letters" 1988, Sarah Moon: "Anvers" 1990 - Franc Palaia: "Rome Zoo" 1989 - Stephen Petegorsky: "Untitled #181" 1998 - Marc Peverelli: "Les Chaises son lasses, le petit chat ne vient plus" 1988 - Nigel poor: "Eggplant with Cactus" 1993 - Rosamond W. Purcell: "Woman with Red Flowers" 1978 - John Reuter: "Jupiter Angel" 1997 - William Ropp: "Untitled" 1995 - Umberto Saliti: "Terme Excelsior" 1993 - Lucas Samaras "Untitled" 1979 - Natalie Sudman: "Bluff #132" 1996 - Ferenc Suto: "Untitled" 1997 Antonio Strati: "Riviera Mediterranea" 1990 - Ken L. Thurlbeck: "Photo Dependent Sculpture" 1988 - Sergio Tornaghi: "Still Life" 1990 - Natale Zoppis: "Museo della Memoria: Reliquary" 1992 (November) // Susanne Wellm: "Most about time" (December).

Horst Sagunski, "Neighbourhood Stories" (January) // Miriam Nielsen & Camilla Holmgren: "episodes" (February) // Michael Staggemeier, "from a certain distance" (March) // Kyungwoo Chun: "Thirty Minutes Dialog" (catalogue) (April) // Reetta Pasanen, "Home Alone" (May) // Daniel Blaufuks: "Exile" (June) // Carlos Garaicoa: "Traveler's Fascinations" (September) // Lecture at the Photographic School // Nikolaj Kulebyakin, "Fragments" (December) // Galleri Image moves out of Toldbodgade 8 and into Vestergade 29. 

Charlotte C. Haslund-Christensen: "Inner City" (January) // Jakob Thomsen, "As the crow flies" (February) // Clare Strand: "Wasted" (March) // Lecture at the Photographic School // Thyra Hilden, "The Synchronous" (April) // Ewa Andrzejewska, "Seeing along the way" (May) // Max Hernández: "Dos temas" (June) // Bohnchang Koo: "Goodbye Paradise" (catalogue) // Betsy Schneider, "Treshold & Ripeness is ..."/September) // Thomas Wrede (October) // "Magic Feelings" (Publication) (November) // Inger Lise Rasmussen, "Complexes" (publication) (December). 

Liz Nicol: "A Collection of Frames, A Collection of Toys" (January) // Michael Kirkegaard: "Erinnerung" (February) // Christophe Rohart (March) Lecture at the Photographic School: "Traces 2 // "Tina Enghoff: "From a time" (Publication) (April) // Josef Sudek: "North Bohemia" (catalogue) (May) // Saul Shapiro "Now and then something out there talks to you" (June) // "Together Again?" (September) // Pawel Zak, hired by Aarhus Stiftstidende for 10 days as officiel Art festival Week reporter // Pawel Zak, Kostas Kiristis, Taave Tuutma, Tine Hauch-Fausbøll excerpts from "Once Upon a Time" (October) // Martine Mougin: "Sun Night" (Art Crash Cultural Festival) (November) // "Bulletin Board for the New Millenium": Jonny Paw Andersen, Ewa Andrzejewska, Auke Bergsma, Jørgen Borg Camilla Bruun, Helga Bu, Krzysztof Cichosz, Alf Edgar, Cissi Ekroth, Lasse Flæng, Ali Ram Gilgee, Aase Goldsmith, Peter Goldsmith, Jiri Hanke, Charlotte C. Haslund-Christensen, Anthony Haughey, Birthe Havmøller, Susanne Helberg, Mette Henriksen, Poul Ib Henriksen, Janina Hobgarska, Katja Holmaa, Jacek Jasko, Johnny Jensen, Henrik Lund Jørgensen, Kapa, Kostas Kiritsis, Michael H. Kierkegaard, Leif Kjøl, Winzer Klüglein, Mogens Laier, Carsten Langkilde, Finn Larsen, Gitte Lauritsen, Birgitta Lund, Finn Manford, Eva Merz, Tomasz Michalowski, Tomasz Mielech, Martine Mougin, Lisbet Nielsen, Bent Nissen, Luis Paredes, Jura Pliestik, Jan Pilgaard, Erik Balle Poulsen, Inger Lise Rasmussen, Jytte Rex, Viggo Rivad, Christophe Rohart, Jan Rüsz, Viktorie Rybakova, Horst Sagunski, Saul Shapiro, Gordon Smith, Lis Steincke, Athina Strataki, Jakob Thomsen, Gintautas Trimakas, Poul Erik Veigaard, Gustavo Vicente, Esther Vohnsen, Pawel Zak, Wojciech Zawadzki (December). 

Gordon Smith: "Kentucky Coal Country" (January) // Herdis Maria Siegert: "By the sea" (February) // Weegee (March) // Gustavo Alexandre Vicente, "Absences" (April) // Johnny Jensen "Landscapes" (catalogue) (May) // Luca Tramontana: "Inheritance from the lost time" (June) // Stine Barr Prebensen, Thyra Hilden, Tine Marie Koefoed & Drod Kasinsky, "Another undertaking" parts 1 and 2 (Catalogue) (September) // Anne Bjerge Hansen: "Interludes" (October)// Winzer Klüglein: "The point of no return" (November) // Eva Merz: "Portraits 1996-1998" (Catalogue) (December).


Martin Martincek (January) // Thera Mjaaland (February) // Birthe Havmøller: "Mythological landscapes" (March) // Thomas Wrede, "Samsø" (April) // Torben Eskerod, "13 Portraits" (May) // Laura Eriksen: "Home" (June) // Irene Torrebiarte (September) // Boaz Tal, "Allegory" (October) // Nina Larsen (November) // Mohammed Niku, "No stop no stop again!" (December). 

Malene Lundén: "Bygone times" (January) // Tadeusz Kluba (February) // Bo Asboe: "The Mysterious Condition" (March) // Anthony Haughey: "The Edge of Europe" (April) // Lisbet Nielsen: "Enter" (May) // Helga Bu (May) // Aarhus Festival 1996 - "In a hundred years all things forgotten" Johnny Paw Andersen, Lars Kiel Bertelsen, P. Bertoja, Jørgen Borg, Giacomo Brogi, Nanna Bisp Büchert, Rikke Christensen, F. Danielsen, Sophie Ellegaard, Adolf Elnain, Laura Eriksen, Sigfús Eymundarson, Bent Fisher, Ali Ram Gilgee,Trine Jäpelt, Ing-Britt Javén, Leif Kjøl, Carsten Langkilde, Thorvald Larsen Levitskij, Frank Mundt, F. Nadar, Bent Nissen, Jan Rüsz, Saul Shapiro, Jacob Thomsen, Poul Erik Veigaard, 5 unknown photographers and a photo collage by Thyra Holt & Margrethe Madsen (September) // Gair Dunlop: "Languageland" (October) // Martin Sørensen: "Night" (November) // Anette Kjær: "Signal" (December). 

Thomas Carlgren: "Real Pigs" (January) // Emma Juulsen: "Still Passions" (February) // Luis Paredes Trigueros: "Revelaciones" (March) // Lotte Tauber Larsen: "Inflammation" (April) // Marco Lambertini: "Closed skies" (May) // Zhang Haier (September) // Joakim Eskildsen: "Northern Signs" (October) // Daryoush Tahmasebi & Staffan Nygren (November) // Finn Larsen: "Stands and Hedges" (December). 

Piotr Topperzer: "In Denmark am I..." (January) // Meelis Lokk: "Sad Landscapes" (February) // Leif Kjøl: "2 minutes of silence" (March) // Gitte Lauritsen (April) // Pablo Llambias (May) // Rikke Christensen, Anne Dyhr, Torben Kjærgård & Johnny Paw: "Between Heaven and Wall" (June) // Lin Delpierre, Jeff Guess & Nathalie Hervieux: "French Tendencies" // "Intimate Pictures - 100 years of nude photography" (October) // Timo Kelaranta (November) // Erik Steffensen (December). 

Johnny Jensen: Self Portraits" (January) // Igor Manko (February) // Carsten Langkilde: "In Plato's Cave" (March) // Mia Lockmann-Lundgren: "Cro-Magnon Dreams & Documents from the Atomic Age" (April) // Tom Christoffersen: "Admission by Invitiation - Paris 1986-1992" (May) // Finn Larsen: "Saltholm" (June) // Lars Kiel Bertelsen: "The Paris Project - 3. Generation" (September) // Victoria Rybáková (October) // Finn Manford (November) // "Image's Christmas Livestock Show" Ellen Auken, Jørgen Toubro Christiansen, Lars Henningsen, Emma Juulsen, Morten Jørgensen, Leif Kjøl, Gitte Lauritsen, Katrine Bering Liisberg, Carsten Langkilde, Saul Shapiro, Henrik Enemark Sørensen (December). 

Auke Bergsma: "Image in image" (January) // Carsten Brandt: "I Frank's tire tracks" (February) // Saul Shapiro: "Yesterday I didn't drink" (March) // Ewa Andrzejewska (April) // Morten Jørgensen: "To close in" (May) // Michel Saurel (June) // Thomas Wrede (September) // Luis Gonzáles Palma: "The Wedding of Loneliness" (October) // Wojciech Prazmowski (November) // "Food Photo", Morten Jørgensen, Carsten Langkilde, Saul Shapiro (December). 

Henrik Enemark Sørensen: "Color Photographs" (January) // Marco Plüss: "Reconstructions" (February) // Wojciech Zawadzki (March) // Lisbet Nielsen: "Photographic impressions" (April) // Vilem Reichmann (May) // Kirsten Klein (June) // Monica Englund: "Växande" (September) // Rune Gade: "Sunset" (October) // Krzysztof Hejke (November) // Lars Schwander: "Oui Paris" (December). 

Photo Group Click: "Pictures of the enemy - next stop Soviet "Niels Bülow, Steen Damsgaard, Henriette Jacobsen, Seke McKinley, Lars Vestendahl, Britta Tøndborg, Anders Vendelbo, Torben Østergaard Jerzy (January) // Modrak: "Voyage to the Dream Lake" (February) // Peter Goldsmith: "Landscapes" (March) // Ulrik Møllgaard (April) // Klaus Kurup: "Photographs from Denmark 1975-90" (May) // Finn Larsen: "An Odyssey in word and picture" (August) // Peter Banyay (September) // Leif Hove Madsen: "Life forms" (October) // Søren Janns (November) //  "Postcards in and out of time - lovingly yours" (December).

Chris Killip: "In flagrante" (April 3rd - April 23rd) at the School of Journalism, Aarhus // Rune Gade: "Sunset" (May 17th - May 31th) at Aaby Library, Aarhus // Image moves into new spaces at Toldbodgade 8 // Saul Shapiro: "Hallucinations" (September) // Poul Pedersen: "Applied Experiments" (October) // Ole Christiansen: "Light in dark" (November) // Tuija Lindström (December). 

Image's 10 year anniversary exhibition Allen Ginsberg: "A generation's difference" (November 18th 1987 - January 3rd) at Aarhus Art Museum curated by Hanne and Saul Shapiro, Galleri Image's 10th anniversary exhibition 1988 at Aarhus Art Building // "Some we have shown and some we wanted to show - 10 years of Danish Photography" (April 16th - May 8th).

At Aarhus Art Museum, Martin Parr: "The last resort" (April 15th - May 17th) // Vladimir Zidlicky (June 11th - July 11th) // Aarhus Festival, two exhibitions with the common title "Archives inside and out" (September// "Chocolate pictures - Collection Félix Potin" at Århus Kunstmuseum //  "French Police Photos from the 20's" at Kunstnernes Hus "Young Czech Photographers" (October 10th - November 6th). 

Heine Petersen (January) // Erik Balle Poulsen (February) // Peder Bundgaard (March) // Jo Ann Callis (Continuation of September 1980) (April) // Tom Sandberg (May/June) // Steven Manville: "Illuminations" (August) // Kapa (September) // Miroslav Halada: "The City and the Person" (October) // November: no exhibition. Image moves out of Graven 25.

Jørgen Toubro Christiansen: "The merry corner" (January) // "Scandinavian Gum Prints" (February) // Finn Larsen: "Pictures from Turkey" (March) // Saul Shapiro: "Danmark West of the Great Belt" (April) // Gunnar Smoliansky: "Children from Söder" (May) // Aase Goldsmith (August) // Th. Weg (September/October) // Inger Ryhl (November) // Mille Guldbeck Svendsen: "Perpetual calendar" (December). 

Vestbirk Højskole: "10 years of student work" (January) // Eli Poinsaing (February) // Carsten Langkilde: "Family Journal" (March) // Miroslav Halada (April) // Preuss Fotomuseum, Norge, på Galleri Image (May/June) // Erik Lynge (August) // Eugen Atget (September/October) // Elsa Dorfmann (November) // Jytte Rex: "Pedigrees" (December). 

Donald Jackson (continuation of August 1982) // Jesper Høm (February) // Leif Hove Madsen (March) // Poul Erik Veigaard (April) // Lewis W. Hines: "Child Labor" (May/June) // Rikke Diemer (August) // Christer Strömholm (September) // Antonin Halas (October) // Odd Moe (November) // Kirsten Klein (December). 

David Lyons (January) // Julian Simmonds: "Berlin" (February) // Jørgen Borg & Mogens Gissel (March) // Aage Fredslund Andersen (April) // Morten Bo (May) // Donald Jackson (August) // Keld Helmer Pedersen (September) // Joan Fontcuberta (October) // Galleri Galleri Image's 5th anniversary exhibition "Snapshot" (November) // Saul Shapiro: "Poland and the Poles in Peacetime" (December). 

Helge Jacobsen (January) // Per Bak Jensen: "Out-of-the-way places" (February) // Peter Goldfield (March) // Deborah Baker (April) //Odd Moe (May) // Galleri Image moves out of Mejlgade 16 and into Graven 25 // John Blakemore (September) // Flo Fox: "Asphalt Garden" (October) // Imogen Cunningham (November/December). 

Gunnar Merild Jensen: "Paris" (January) // Erik Chevalier: "Jamaica on my mind" (February) // Tage Poulsen (March) // Ole Christiansen (April) // Jesper Bech Nielsen (May) // Jo Ann Callis (September) // Leif Hove Madsen (October) // Palle From (November) // Helge Jacobsen (December). 

Frank Mundt (January) // New Mexico #1 (February) // Henning Mølgaard, Sten Schrøder & Knud Egil Nielsen:"Image Photographers #1" (March) // Lis Steincke (April) // New Mexico #2 (May) // Olaf Hardt: "Gilleleje in the thirties" (June) // Henryk Gajewski, Andrzej Jorczak & Ir Kulik: "Polish photography" (August) // Viggo Rivad (September) // Bent Riis (October) // Fay Godwin (November) // Mette Ruge & Leif Pallesen (December). 

Poul Erik Veigaard (January/February) // Tom Krøjer: "The big lyric light show" (Marts) // Diane Arbus (April) // Duane Michaels (May) // John Divola (June) // Fred Licht (August) // Poul Ib Henriksen (September) // Jiri Erml (October) // Hiro Moriyasy, Robert di Franco & D.D. Wigley (November) // Terry Toedtemeier (December). 

Carsten Langkilde: "Rauchpach's Grocery" (November) // Jørgen Borg (December).


Photobook Week Aarhus 2020 (October 2020), ”Seriality – Multiplicity – Repetition” 

Photobook Week Aarhus 2019 (October 2019), ”
New Topographics in Photobooks 

Photobook Week Aarhus 2018 (October 2018),”Dummy Award”  

"This Island Earth", Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu, Finland o Pingyao International and Photography Festival, China (May/September, 2018) "Nature As A Playground - In Korean and Nordc Contemporary Photography", The Museum of Photography, Seoul (June/March, 2018)
Hyong-Ryol Bak, Hyeung-Geun Park, Won Seong Won, Yi Hyuk Jun, Taewon Jang, Katrín Elvarsdöttir, Ilkka Halso, Maja Ingerslev, Sanna Kannisto, Riitta Päivaläinen og Pétur Thomsen. 

Photobook Week Aarhus 2017 (September 2017),” Publishing and collecting photobooks, urbanisme and landscape”  

"What sort of life is this?", Cabinet Seoul, Seunsanga, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (January/March 2017)
Albert Elm 

Photobook week Aarhus 2016 (October 2016) 

Photobook Week Aarhus 2015 (October 2015), “The Photobook as artistic media”. 

"The Art of Domestic Compulsion", touring exhibition from The Image Collection in Poland and Spain:  LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk & Galeria BWA, Jelenia Gora , Poland (2014). Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía, Almería, Spain (April/June 2015). CICUS (Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla), Seville (July/August 2015). Museo del Gas, Fundación Gas Natural Fenosa, Barcelona (October 2015/Februar 2016). Museo Barjola, Gijón, for the 13th edition of Gijón Photographic Conferences (November 2016/January, 2017)
Magdalena Bors curated by Alasdair Foster 

Photobook Week Aarhus 2014 (October 2014), First edition of Galleri Image's yearly festival founded in collaboration with the Aarhus School of Architecture. 

Lecture by Beate Cegielska about Danish Contemporary Photography and solo exhibition by Michelle Eistrup at Pingyao International Photography Festival and at The Three Shadows - Photography Art Centre, Beijing, China (September 2014) Lecture by Beate Cegielska on Contemporary Danish Photography and Video Art, The Museum of Photography, Seoul, South Korea (April 2014) "Exhibitions of 8 Danish artists", LIANZHOU FOTO festival, Southern China (November/December 2013)
Lotte Fløe Christensen, Søren Dahlgaard, Adam Jeppesen, Torben Eskerod, Pernille Koldbech Fich, Ditte Haarløv Johnsen, Susanne Wellms and Carina Zunino 

"AONA (The Artificial Observation of Nature Alive)", PHOTOVISA Festival, Krasnodar, Southern Russia (October/November 2013)
Lotte Fløe Christensen and Maja Ingerslev 

"Focus Now" , the exhibition space of Danish Embassy Ljubjiana, Slovenia (October, 2013)
Lotte Fløe Christensen, Søren Dahlgaard, Mette Bersang and Michelle Eistrup 

"Rendezvous With Nature”, Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu, Finland (September/October, 2013)
Mette Bersang, Søren Dahlgaard, Maja Ingerslev, Michelle Eistrup, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen and Adam Jeppesen. Curated by Beate Cegielska 

“Nordic Memories”, China Pingyao International Photography Festival (September 2012)
Mette Bersang, Nina Strand and Sara Ahde 

“Crossings“, China Pingyao International Photography Festival, September 2010 and Chengdu, China  (April/May 2011)
Camilla Holmgren and Ebbe Stub Wittrup 

"Enchanted Spaces", The Viewing Room, Bombay, India (December 2009)
Astrid Kruse Jensen & Lisa Robinson (USA). In collaboration with curator Niyatee Shinde 

"Human Spaces", China Pingyao International Photography Festival (September 2009)
Mette Juul, Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen. 

"Another Kind of Adventures", Contemporary Danish Photography & Video, Liantzhou International Photo Festival, Liantzhou, South of China (December 2007)
Astrid Kruse Jensen, Trine Søndergård, Nicolai Howalt & Ebbe Stub Wittrup. And performance by video- og performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. 

"New Adventures" (Beijing, Shanghai & Guanghzou) (Winter/Spring, 2007)
Curated by Tove Thage & Beate Cegielska. 

New Adventures / Danish Contemporary Photography and Video (October/November 2006)
Group exhibition with 14 Danish photo- and video-artists at Galleri Sejul in Seoul, South Korea. Astrid Kruse Jensen, Malene Nors Tardrup, Nicolai Howalt & Trine Søndergård, Camilla Holmgren, Søren Lose, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Camilla Rasborg, Pernille With Madsen, Jacob Nielsen, Jesper Just, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Marie Reynolds & Solveig Syversen. 

Nicolai Howalt: "Boxer", Århus Kunstbygning (31. July - 22. August 2004)
Nicolai Howalt. Curated by Lasse Krog Møller. 

"Interferences", Århus Kunstbygning (20. February - 21. March 2004)
Laurence Bonvin, Collectif_fact, Leo Fabrizio, Nicolas Faure, Thomas Flechtner, Jean-Marc Meunier, Alban Kakulya & Yann Mingard, Claudio Moser, Cat Tuong Nguyen, Gérard Pétremand & Christian Vogt. Curated by Beate Cegielska. 

"Interferences", Århus Kunstbygning (20. February - 21. March 2004)
Laurence Bonvin, Collectif_fact, Leo Fabrizio, Nicolas Faure, Thomas Flechtner, Jean-Marc Meunier, Alban Kakulya & Yann Mingard, Claudio Moser, Cat Tuong Nguyen, Gérard Pétremand & Christian Vogt. Curated by Beate Cegielska. 

"Interferences", Århus Kunstbygning (20. February - 21. March 2004)
Laurence Bonvin, Collectif_fact, Leo Fabrizio, Nicolas Faure, Thomas Flechtner, Jean-Marc Meunier, Alban Kakulya & Yann Mingard, Claudio Moser, Cat Tuong Nguyen, Gérard Pétremand & Christian Vogt
. Curated by Beate Cegielska. 

"Real pretty toast", Århus Kunstbygning (December 2003)
David Julian Leonard. 

"Author of the Month", presentation at Århus Kunstbygning (November 2003)
Tove Kurtzweil. 

"From China - Contemporary Art Photography", Århus Kunstbygning (September 2003) (Catalogue). Seminar: Chinese Contemporary Art
Cheng Ling Yang, Han Lei, Sun Hongbin, Weng Fen, Bai Yi Luo, Chen Shao Xiong, Wang Ningde, Hong Lei & Xie Wenyue. Curated by Beate Cegielska. 

"Complex View", Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China (September 2002) (Catalogue)
Torben Eskerod, Joakim Eskildsen, Charlotte Haslund-Christensen, Thyra Hilden, Johnny Jensen and Lisbet Nielsen. Curated by Beate Cegielska.  

"Floating", Art Centre Silkeborg Spa (May - September 2002) (Catalogue)
Anthony Haughey (IRL), Martine Mougin (F), Birgitta Lund (DK/USA), Ewa Andrzejewska (PL), Bohnchang Koo (ROK) & Daniel Blaufuks (P). Curated by Beate Cegielska. 

"Opening Hours - Museums for All" The Danish National Gallery, Copenhagen (May 2002) (Catalogue)
Helga Bu (N), Charlotte Haslund-Christensen (DK), Aino Kannisto (FIN), Mia Lockman-Lundgren (S), Janne Makkinen (FIN), José Luis Martinat Mendoza (PE) , Thera Mjaaland (N), Jan Pilgaard (DK) & Bjargrey Ólafsdóttir (IS). 
Curated by Beate Cegielska. 

"Photography in the Digital Era", conference in collaboration with Højbjerg Photographic Workshop, Aarhus School of Architectures and Huset "The Last 10 Days of the Market ", Loppehallen, Århus Festival 2001 (31. August - 9. September 2001) (folder)
Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba). 

"Existence", travelling Exhibition: Finland, Germany, Poland (November/September 2002) (Catalogue)
Charlotte Haslund-Christensen, Thyra Hilden, Torben Eskerod, Joakim Eskildsen, Johnny Jensen, Lisbet Nielsen.
Curated by Tove Thage & Beate Cegielska. 

"Pictures from the Dragon's Garden", Loppehallen, Århus Festival 2000 (1 - 20. September, 2000) (Catalogue)
Wang Fuchun (CHN), Jiang Jian (CHN), Jean Pierre de San Bartolomé (F). Curated by Jabao Wu. 

"Fotomessän", Gothenburg, Sweden (October 1999)
"The Danish Photographic Landscape", Presentation of Danish photography and photographic institutions in Denmark. 

"Together Again?", Loppehallen, Århus Festival 1999 (27. August - 5. September 1999) (Catalogue)
Mark Raidpere, Taave Tuutma (EST), Arno Antums-Jansons, Gatis Rozenfelds (LV), Pawel Zak, Kosta Kiritsis, Maurycy Gomuliki (PL), Martin Tiso, Robo Kocan (SK), Dezsö Szabó, Dominic Hislop, Erhardt Miklós (H). Curated by Marek Grygiel 

Thomas Joshua Cooper, Presentation at the Aarhus School of Architecture, Art Crash Cultural Festival (September, 1998) "Photo Art from Latin America", Kvindemuseet i Århus, Århus Festival 1997 (29. August - 28. September 1997) (catalogue)
Lourdes Almeida (MEX), Sandra Bordin (BR), Adriana Calatayud (MEX), Lucia Chiriboga (EC), Marianne Dellekamp (MEX), Maya Goded (MEX), Cecilia Larrabure (PE), Adriana Lestido (RA), Milagros de la Torre (PE), Angeles Torrejón (MEX). Curated by Patricia Mendoza & Beate Cegielska.

"Meeting Place", portfolio review, Århus Kulturhus (20 - 21. June 1996) International curator meeting with portfolio viewing
Curators: Fred Baldwin (USA), David Brittain (GB), Pierre Devin (F), Deborah Ely (AUS), Ute Eskildsen (D), Alasdair Foster (Skotland), Marek Grygiel (PL), Henning Hansen (DK), Hanne Holm-Johnsen (N), Eikoh Hosoe (J), Ingrid Fischer Jonge (DK), Tuija Lindström (S), Peeter Linnap (EST), Jan-Erik Lundström (S), Patricia Mendoza (MEX), Alison Devine Nordstrom (USA), Ari Saarto (FIN), Taniana Salzirn (RUS), Tina Schelhorn (D), Pirkko Siitari (FIN), Boaz Tal (IL), Georges Vercheval (B), Hripsime Visser (NL), Wendy Watriss (USA), Manfred Willmann (A). 

"China, China, China", Scandinavian Center, Århus Festival 1995 (3. September - 10. September 1995) (Catalogue)

Wong Wo Bik, Chang Chao-tang, Ho Ching-tai, Almond Chu, Hsieh Chuen-te, Wu Chung-wai, Lu Cun, Zhang Hai Er, Joseph Fung, Pang Zhen Ge, Pan Hsiao-hsia, Lin Yung Hui, Alfred Ko, Wu Jia Lin, Wang Miao, Lau Ching Ping, Lin Ryh-shan, Bobby Sham, Wing Shya & Leong Ka Tai. Curated by Saul Shapiro & Leong Ka Tai 

"Worlds", Kultarium, Den gamle auktionsbygning, Frederiksgade (7. April - 13. April 1995)
Anne Dyhr, Carsten Ingemann & Bent Riis. Curated by Carsten Langkilde. 

"Det iscenesatte fotografi", Loppehallen, Århus Festival 1993 (4. September - 12. September, 1993)
Adam Amsinck & Morten Ryhl Svendsen, Bo Asboe, Auke Bergsma, Lars Bering-Haarup, Lars Kiel Bertelsen, Henrik Brahe, Nina Bruun, Nanna Bisp Büchert, Aase Goldsmith, Signe Guttormsen, Jolana Havelková, Johnny Jensen, Mette Kit Jensen, Kim Lykke Jørgensen, Ales Kunes, Carsten Langkilde, Paul de Noojier, Tina Schwartz, Jaroslav Sedlack, Lis Steincke, Miro Svolik, Frederik Wahlström, Katrine Bering Liisberg & Marie Rømer Westh.
 The exhibition was supplemented by three workshops: Auke Bergsma: "Image in Image", Mette Sandby & Tina Schwartz: "Det iscenesatte fotografi" and Bo Astrup: "En scene i byen". 

"IMAGE", Galerie U Dobrehó Pastýre, Brno, Czech Republic (July - August 1993)
Bering-Haarup, Lars Kiel Bertelsen, Henrik Brahe, Nina Bruun, Nanna Bisp Büchert, Aase Goldsmith, Signe Guttormsen, Jolana Havelková, Johnny Jensen, Mette Kit Jensen, Kim Lykke Jørgensen, Ales Kunes, Carsten Langkilde, Paul de Noojier, Morten Ryhl-Svendsen, Tina Schwarz, Jaroslav Sedlacek, Lis Steinicke, Miro Svolik & Frederik Wahlström. 

"From Document to Hallucination", Kladno Castle, Czech Republic (May - June 1993) (Catalogue)
Jørgen Toubro Christiansen, Morten Jørgensen, Carsten Langkilde, Frank Mundt, Peet Thomsen, Saul Shapiro. 

"Europe Unframed", Loppehallen, Århus Festival 1992 (5. September - 13. September 1992)
Ellen Auken, Cissy von Babsky, Slawomir Barik, Wieslaw Barszczak, Auke Bergsma, Rommert Boonstra, Henrik Brahe, Helga Bu, Peter Christensen, Krzysztof Cichosz, Leif Claesson, Bruno Debon, Janna Dekker, Pierre Even, Ralf Filges, Jaroslav Fiser, Stephane Gallois, Teresa Gierzynska, Aase Goldsmith, Peter Goldsmith, Veli Granö, Stepan Grygar, Heather McDonough, Jiri Hanke, Poul Ib Henriksen, Tuovi Hippeläinen, Regin Hjertholm, Finn Arne Johannessen, Rita Jokiranta, Vaughan Judge, Piotr Komorowski, Manfred Kriegelstein, Ir Kulik, Mogens Laier, Jukka Lehtinen, Leif Lindberg, Mia Lockman-Lundgren, Mireille Loup, Martin Luijendijk, Marcelino Borges Macedo, Fergus Mather, Tomasz Michalowski, Ursula Neugebauer, Lisbet Nielsen, Ole Hein Pedersen, Colin Ruscoe, Wolfgang Schiche, Bruno Serralongue, Rudolf Sikora, Lubo Stacho, Antonin Streit, Lis Stenicke, Athina Strataki, Vertti Teräsvuori, Anette de Thier, Peet Thomsen, Zbigniew Tomaszczuk, Ritva Toumi, Espen Tveit, Yannick Vigouroux, Jan Walaker, Nick Waplingtom, Frank Watson, Richard Welsby, Colin F. Wishart, Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Stanislaw J. Wos & Thomas Wrede. 
Seminar with Saul Shapiro as coodinator (6. - 7. September 1992). 

"Danish Photography," Galleri 4, Cheb, Czechoslovakia (4. June - 20. June 1992)
Carsten Langkilde, Frank Mundt, Jytte Rex, Saul Shapiro. 

"56 Degrees North", Loppehallen, Århus Festival 1991 (7. September - 15. September 1991) Combined arrangement with the subtitle: "Photographies, video installations and performances from the North"
Mark Arlson, Tone Arstila, Poul Erik Bjærre, Henrik Brahe, Stina Brockman, Alf Edgar, Monica Englund, Laura Eriksen, John Grandberg, Kari Goorwitz, Lene Klit, Gudmindur Ingolfsson, Ingi Joensen, Rita Jokiranta, Gitte Lauritsen, Jerzy Modrak, Tuija Lindström, Mark Orall, Jyrki Parantainen, Marja Pirilä, Seppo Renwall, Søren Svendsen, Leifur Thorsteinson, Helene Toresdottir, Johanna Vouksemaa, Lind Völundardottir, Matz Wahlgren, Ole Wich, Henrik Wichmann. 

"Fotografer fotograferer billedkunstnere", Aarhus Art Association of 1847 (19. april - 12. May 1991) and Rundetårn, Copenhagen (13. March - 5. April 1992) (book)
Gert Skærlund Andersen, Aage Fredslund Andersen, Anders Askegård, Lars Bay, Morten Bo, Suste Bonnén, Nanna Bisp Büchert, Bo Hansen, Ole Haupt, Keld Helmer-Petersen, Poul Ib Henriksen, Teit Jørgensen, Klaus Kurup, Tove Kurzweil, Carsten Langkilde, Finn Larsen, Ann Malmgren, Susanne Mertz, Frank Mundt, Karin Munk, Rigmor Mydtskov, Nick, Gregers Nielsen, Ole Hein Pedersen, Poul Pedersen, Thomas Pedersen, Lars Pryds, Jytte Rex, Bent Riis, Viggo Rivad, Lars Schwander, Saul Shapiro, Lis Steincke, Søren Svendsen, Finn Thrane, Karsten Weirup. Curated by Carsten Langkilde. 

"Looking East", Loppehuset, Århus Festival 1990 (31. August - 9. September 1990) (Catalogue)
Frankl Alinona, Vitautus Balcitis, Pavel Banka, Peter Banyay, Wieslaw Barszczak, Andrei Bezukladnikov, Alfonsas Budvytis, Krysztof Jerzy Cichosz, Christina Eisler, Jiri Erml, Marek Gardulski, Nely Gavirola, Teresa Gierzynska, Anthonin Halas, Jiri Hanke, Ingrid Hartmets, Krzysztof Hejke, Dagmar Hochova, Pavel Jasansky, Jan Jastrzebski, Rafaelo Kazakov, Lugosi Lugo Laszlo, Garo Keshishayn, Igorg Manko, Igor Mukhin, Nely Nedeva-Voeva, Svetlena Pepeljiiska, Andrzej Rozycki, Wojciech Prazmowski, Peyat Ramadanovic, Valerij Resjetnjak, Gintautas Trimarkas, Stanka Tzonkova, Simon Manjachem Varsano, Wojciech Zawadzki & Wieslaw Zielinski. Lars Bahl, Michael Daugaard, Sonja Iskov, Nana Reimers, Henrik Saxgren & Stig Stasig: "Photographers Photo Group 2. May in East Europe" Curated by Urszula Czartoryska and Antonin Dufek in collaboration with Carsten Langkilde. 

"Galleri Image", Brno in Czechoslovakia (14. Juni - 23. Juli 1989)
Henrik Bengtson, Jørgen Toubro Christiansen, Rune Gade, Carsten Langkilde, Leif Hove Madsen, Erik Balle Poulsen, Morten Rasmussen, Saul Shapiro & Poul Erik Veigaard. 

"Aspects of Reality", Århus Kunstbygning (June 1979)
Henrik Bentsson, Carsten Langkilde, Diane Arbus, Fred Licht, Poul Erik Veigaard, and others.

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