Workshop: The Color of Water: Algorithmic Sea

On Friday May 21, 4-5pm, Galleri Image hosted the workshop, The Color of Water: Algorithmic Sea, by Sarah Schorr, Gabriel Pereira, and Carlos Oliveira.
The workshop was held in connection with the then current exhibition at Galleri Image, 'The Color of Water' by Sarah Schorr.
21-05-2021 - 21-05-2021
Workshop: The Color of Water: Algorithmic Sea
Sarah Schorr
Transparent. Translucent. Opaque. Reflective. What is the color of water?

In this workshop and installation, water was a reflecting pool for both the human and computational understanding of color. Like water, these perceptions are always transforming.The workshop, net-art, and physical installation of "The Color of Water: Algorithmic Sea" explored the sociotechnical perception of color, especially how it is actualized through computer systems and their algorithms.

The sea of colors shown in the installation was composed of a multitude of user generated colors. These colors undulate between the user and computer algorithmic processes.

In 1814, Abraham Gottlob Werner created color charts with the ambition of making a color standard through naming corresponding minerals. The Color of Water (2019-2020), a photographic body of work by artist Sarah Schorr, expands Werner’s charts to include the embodied and situational dimensions of color by amending the charts to include metallic reflective colors. "The Color of Water: Algorithmic Sea" extends this inquiry, marking a collaboration between Sarah Schorr, Gabriel Pereira, and Carlos Oliveira.

Through this workshop and installation, we didn't provide a definite answer to the question of what is the color of water for a human or a computer. Instead, we sought to reflect the inherent qualities of "partial," "change", and “bias” through the critical collecting, analyzing, and displaying of a sea of colors. This workshop invited interested and the algorithm to see color as a flow, as opposed to a fixed variable.

You can still add your color to the sea at