Exposing Time

On 14 August at 4-6 pm Galleri Image opened an exhibition in the Demo Room by the British artist Beatrice Bromley. The exhibition was open until 16 September 2020.
14-08-2020 - 16-09-2020
print, installation
Exposing Time
Beatrice Bromley
On 14 August at 4-6 pm Galleri Image opened an exhibition in the Demo Room by the British artist Beatrice Bromley. The exhibition was open until 16 September 2020. 

British artist Beatrice Bromley views paint palettes as artefacts of the artistic process. When paint is pushed across the surface of a palette, it dries to form a recording of the artist’s handwork. Over time, layers of dried paint accumulate into a solid mass. By peeling back the layers of this mass, it is possible to retrace the artist’s steps.

The artworks featured in Exposing Time recreated this process. Day after day, Bromley added layers upon layers of paint to canvas and clay, slowly building up thick mounds of colour. She then stripped away the outermost layers with sandpaper, and in places cut into the paint with a knife to expose the artworks’ hidden depths.

For Bromley, “excavating layers of paint is akin to unearthing sedimentary layers in the Earth” - a metaphor that translates visually in the resulting artworks, which resemble planetary forms and geological heat maps. The deeper Bromley digs, the older the paint she unearths. Thus her excavations reveal the passage of time.

Exposing time in such a tangible way can be understood as a meditative act, in which Bromley actively remembers the time she has spent doing creative work. Digging into paint allows her to harness her attention on moments that hold particular value in her life - time spent creatively.

About the artist
Beatrice Bromley (UK) is an experimental painter based in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Her current, evolving practice uses paint as sculptural material, exploring notions of impermanence, attention, and spacetime through an automatist approach. Educated at Nottingham Trent University and Newcastle-under-Lyme College, Bromley has been in residence at AirSpace Gallery since June 2018, and has exhibited broadly in the UK. Exposing Time is her first international exhibition.

Call & Response
Exposing Time marks the launch of Call & Response, an experimental project that activates two window galleries as sites for collaborative exhibition-making. Drawing inspiration from call-and-response patterns in music and political protest (What do we want? Change! When do we want it? Now!), the project is a back-and-forth exhibition series, where one exhibition is made in direct response to another.

Danish artist Stefan Bakmand will respond to Exposing Time with a solo exhibition in The Demo Room. Bakmand and Bromley will continue their visual dialogue in 2021 with a duo exhibition in the window venue at AirSpace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Call & Response is curated by Pamela Grombacher, and supported by the Danish Art Foundation, the City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen), and Arts Council England.

You can read about this and previous exhibitions at demorummet.dk