Film screening and discussion: Behemoth (2015)

On October 6th Galleri Image hosted a screening of the documentary 'Behemoth' by the Chinese artist Zhao Liang.
06-10-2016 - 06-10-2016
Film screening and discussion: Behemoth (2015)
Peter Ole Pedersen
Behemoth by the Chinese artist Zhao Liang was part of the official competition at last year's Venice Film Festival. The film focuses on the ruthless mining exploitation in China and the construction of enormous ghost towns which stand as gigantic monuments representing capitalism gone amok, without any real or final object other than its own growth.

Introduction by art historian and documentary expert Peter Ole Pedersen, who has curated our current exhibition Against the Grain. The exhibitions serves as the point of departure for the subsequent discussion about resource hunting, the use of documentary in art and environmental criticism.