Unique opportunity to create your own artist book!

In connection with Photobook Week Aarhus, Louise Sidenius from Officin conducted the workshop 'Create your own artist book' at the Aarhus School off Architecture on October 1st and October 2nd.
01-10-2016 - 02-10-2016
Unique opportunity to create your own artist book!
Louise Sidenius/Officin
The role of printed media in the 20th century has been significant. Artist book and journals, experimental catalogues, flyers, zines, and other paperbased formats make up an essential artistic production both in Denmark and internationally. These artists' publications have historically been tied to the concept of a democratization of the arts in relation to the categories of "artist", "artwork", and "institution".

The workshop will explore the creation of artists' books and the work that takes place in connection with the making of a book: from conceptualization, montage, preprinting, testprinting, printing, and binding, with the main focus on the practical circumstance of the printing proces itself. You will bring your own materials (photos, images, text etc.) that you wish to work with and print in bookform. The materials will be processed and readied for printing, which at this workshop will be in the form of riso print, a digital colour copying technique, which uses ink similarly to offset.
The workshop participants most make allowance for additional cost of paper, ink and masters.