Lecture and discussion: Dark Value in the visual economy

Lecture and discussion at Galleri Image about Dark Value in the visual economy, featuring Christian Danielewitz and Lars Kiel Bertelsen.
15-09-2016 - 15-09-2016
Lecture and discussion: Dark Value in the visual economy
Christian Danielewitz og Anu Ramdas, Lars Kiel Bertelsen

In our current visual culture, image technology and environmental impact are closely linked - a subject which is examined by the two artists Anu Ramdas and Christian Danielewitz in their current exhibition Against the Grain at Galleri Image. On Thursday September 15th art historian and photography expert Lars Kiel Bertelsen and Christian Danielewitz debated the issues and the comprehensive history of materiality that links the role of photography as a pollutive media.  Using art works from the exhibition as a point of departure, they discussed how art can play an eye-opening role in a global image ecology where we all contribute more or less voluntarily to the shadow side of the media.