PhotoBook Week Aarhus 2014

In cooperation with The Aarhus School of Achitecture and The Jutland Art Academy, Galleri Image arranged the first festival in Denmark dedicated to photobooks. The festival featured books from South Korea, Russia, Ireland, and Germany to name just a few.
09-10-2014 - 11-10-2014
PhotoBook Week Aarhus 2014
Galleri Image/Arkitektskolen Aarhus


The program for PhotoBook Week Aarhus can be found here.

The photobook gives the artist a unique opportunity to create a special experience for the audience using different sensuous elements of the book such as the smell of paper and ink, the weight and the tactile characteristics of the paper.   

From 9th – 11th of October 2014 Galleri Image gives visitors a chance to experience precisely that and leaf through an abundance of photobooks from all over the world.The festival is the first photobook festival in Denmark ever and is held in collaboration with Aarhus School of Architecture, Room 46 and the Jutland Art Academy. PhotoBook Week Aarhus focusses on the historical development of the photobook and its role as a media of artistic expression.   

The festival presents exhibitions, a photobook market with independent publishers specialized in photobooks and a program of talks and debates moderated by Jesper Rasmussen (rector, the Jutland Art Academy), Claus Peder Pedersen (head of research, Aarhus School of Architecture), Anne Elisabeth Toft (associate professor, Aarhus School of Architecture) and Moritz Neumüller (curator, writer). 
In the last few years the photobook has become one of the most important media within the photographic field. Not only has it caused a rewriting of the history of photography – it has also allowed artist to create contexts and presentations of their work in an artistic form. Besides beautiful pictures, the photobook also offers visual narratives where sequences, the layout and the physical properties of the book create artistic syntheses.   

The starting pistol of the exhibition will be fired already on August the 29th when Galleri Image opens the exhibition Series Photographs by Stephen Gill, artist and publisher at NOBODY BOOKS. The Aarhus School of Architecture will show a selection of photobooks from the 9th until the 17th of  October about architecture, curated by Prof. Dr. Rolf Sachsse from Hochschule der Bildenden Künste, Saarbrücken.   

During Photobook Week Aarhus the photobook will be presented through various media:

Artist and professor at Chung-Ang University Kyungwoo Chun has selected photobooks from South Korea and also managed to get a few photobooks out of the otherwise hermetically closed North Korea and brought them to Aarhus, where they will be on display.   

The Library Project – a collection of the best photobooks internationally – has with a generous loan made it possible for visitors at the festival to see hundreds of the most epoch-making and experimental photobooks. The works have been collected during the last five years, and the project was initiated and is run by the director of PhotoIreland Festival, Ángel Luis González Fernández.   

A selection of Russian photobooks from the collection of Galleri Image and donated books from young Russian artists from FotoDepartment in St. Petersburg will also be showcased. A slideshow presenting photobooks spanning all the way from the years of the revolution up until now has been made in collaboration with Irena Chmyreva, senior curator of Project In Support for Photography in Russia, IRIS Foundation.  

Finally, the Galleri Image Book Collection of photobooks, catalogues, and photo related texts will be open to visitors during the opening hours of the gallery – and before and after the festival.

PhotoBook Week Aarhus is organized in collaboration with Galleri Image, Aarhus School of Architecture and the Jutland Art Academy.   

Photobook Week Aarhus is supported by The Danish Arts Council, Aarhus Municipality, The Korean Embassy in Denmark, and the Austrian Embassy in Denmark.