Gallery Night Aarhus 2014 - Rodrigo Braga

At Gallery Night Aarhus 2014 Gallery Image presented works by the Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga. These photo and video pieces discussed the fundamental relationship between man and nature.
22-08-2014 - 22-08-2014
Photography, video
Gallery Night Aarhus 2014 - Rodrigo Braga
Rodrigo Braga
On Gallery Night Friday on the 22nd of August Galleri Image opens its doors to a solo presentation of work by the Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga. Between 4 and 8pm visitors can experience photographic projections from the series “Landscapes” (2008) and “Hermit desire” (2009) and the videos “Tonus” and “Mentira Repetira”. 

Braga grew up on the edge of the Amazon Area and his works concentrate on the relation between human and nature made visible through puzzling and sometimes even painful meetings between human and animals or human and the surrounding landscape.
He often uses his own body in the creation of his works - both as a symbol for the general human being and as material that is covered in dust and leaves, part of a trans-human hybrid or even pinched and butted by animals.

Braga’s “Landscapes” are not neutral recordings of farmland and forests in Brazil. He works with photography and video when he engages with the landscape in a mix of performance and land art. He manipulates the scenes shown in front of the lens as well as in the after production of the images creating surreal landscapes and tableaus of food and waste. 

"Hermit Desire” is a series of photographs made in the countryside of North Eastern Brazil, during three months in 2009. The artist lived alone in a rented house 3 km away from a small town. 
Braga listened to local histories and observed the landscape around him and again created images manipulating natural elements now also appearing in the photographs in the suggestive narrative around the hermit figure. 

Rodrigo Braga is currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but was born in Manaus (Amazon), Brazil, in 1976, and grew up in Recife, Brazil, where he graduated in Visual Arts at the Federal University of Pernambuco (2002). 

Braga has exhibited his work extensively in group shows as well as solo exhibitions in Brazil and among others Japan, Luxembourg and France. In 2009 and 2010 Braga was awarded two grants for artistic creation conceded by Funarte.