Postcards from Gellerup

Kenyan artist Mimi Cherono Ng'ok visited Sigrids Stue in Gellerrup in collaboration with Galleri Image and CKU. The aim was to make postcards from the area in collaboration with the youngsters in the neighbourhood.
See the results and read Mimi's statement about the work below.
01-05-2014 - 30-06-2014
Postcards from Gellerup
Mimi Cherono Ng'ok
Mimi Cherono Ng'ok states about the project:

The reputation of Gellerup as a Danish 'ghetto' denies the idea that there are many worlds happening in Gellerup. 

Gellerup exists as a borderless space; it is simultaneously Kuwait, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon. Post cards from Gellerup is a photography project that uses postcards to reimagine Gellerup as a space, creating new and different images of life here and leaving behind the misconceptions that Gellerup has.

Fellow collaborators/photographers include young Gellerup residents who understand the intricacies of such a multi faceted space and what it means to exist in two worlds; that of the homeland and Denmark now.
We chose to use postcards; a form that has phased out with a digital generation, because it is a tactile object that speaks of traveling and migration.  

The final postcards include archival photographs from the Brabrand-Årslev Lokalhistoriske arkiv, photographs of Gellerup from young people living there as well as photographs of places they've been.