FLOWER! Power of Dreams

In Flower! Power of Dreams the artist duo HUMAN SITES sohn+isaksen (Bodil Sohn og Else Ploug Isaksen) installed various kinds of manipulated photos of flowers and plants using them as symbols of growth and metamorphosis creating an analogy to the fragmentary and energetic character of a dream.
28-02-2014 - 04-05-2014
FLOWER! Power of Dreams
HUMAN SITES sohn+isaksen
Flower! Power of Dreams
HUMAN SITES sohn+isaksen
28. February – 4. May 2014

The photographic installation Flower! Power of Dreams has been created especially for the exhibition rooms at Galleri Image. Here photographic images of flowers and plants, luxuriant or in decay, have been subjected to various alterations and transformations, which have provided them with a three-dimensionality.
The artists responsible for the exhibition is the duo HUMAN SITES sohn+isaksen, which consists of Bodil Sohn og Else Ploug Isaksen. By choosing the title Flower! Power of Dreams the two visual artists wish to refer to flowers and plants as symbols of growth and metamorphosis and in that way create an analogy to the fragmentary and energetic character of a dream. In the exhibition Flower! Power of Dreams the line between reality and illusion is blurred and distorted. By means of placing the photographic images in a physically constructed setting and through variations of scale, the artists create a dream-like microcosm into which the visitor can enter. Thus the artistic practice of the duo can be related to the surrealist tradition of the early 20th century. Here unusual hybridizations and an interplay of dimensions are often used to create a surreal universe.
The exhibition is designed as a tour through three tableaus, where the viewer is presented with the phenomenon of ‘budding’ in the first room of the gallery. Here, photographs representing different parts of the plant create a course which, dependent on the subject, can be perceived as either beautiful and fertile or suffocating. The next room is furnished to appear domestic and homely like a living room. The immediate comfortable and familiar associations in this room will appeal directly to the individual memories and experiences of the visitor. In this scenario photographs of ‘homely’ plants are presented in an open MDF construction, where the wallpaper in photographic print contributes to the feeling of being in a domestic sphere as well. A photographic picture book with text developed in a collaborative process between botanist Jon Feilberg and associate professor, ph.d. Lars Kiel Bertelsen placed in this tableau is an integral part of the exhibition. In the garden the partly cultivated setting outside the home, hollyhocks are blossoming surrounded by a picket fencing. In the third and last tableau of the exhibition photographical poppies can be seen shooting up from the floor next to lakes along with water lilies in a room which visually resemble the natural habitat one would find by the meadows and lakes.

Throughout the years the artistic duo HUMAN SITES sohn+isaksen have developed a practice where through a particular playful approach they add an extra dimension to photography. This is done both to challenge the two-dimensionality of the media and its objective characteristics.
In the exhibition Flower! Power of Dreams this artistic practice is extended as the duo disturb the perception of what is real and what is mere representation through a certain staging of the photographical images. Because in the universe of sohn+isaksen the world is not always what it seems.

Opening: Friday, February 28 at 4 – 6 pm.
Guided tour through the exhibition Flower! Power of Dreams by the artists Bodil Sohn & Else Plogh Isaksen: Saturday, March 15 at 2 pm.
Q & A with Bodil Sohn, Else Ploug Isaksen and Art Historian Lisa Lindskov Knudsen: Wednesday, April 30 at 7.30 pm.