Publication: Four artists and a researcher about working with photography in a post-photographic age

How do artists work with photography and the body in a culture, where we all take photographs every day? In an interview book published by Galleri Image, four artists talk about contributing with tactical approaches to a culture saturated with images and controlled by large-scale political and commercial actors. 

On 4 May at 3 pm, Galleri Image hosted a book launch of New Tactics - moving in a soft field. The book was introduced by Kirstine Autzen.
On 7 June at 3pm, a book launch was held during the Copenhagen Photo Festival  at Griffenfeldsgade 27, Copenhagen, where the book was once again introduced by Kirstine Autzen. 

Today, photos affect our identity, our communication and play, and pictures with photographic elements even often replace the written word on the Internet, in text messages and on social apps. This development has been so radical that researchers often refer to this age as "post-photographic". In the book, four artists talk about how they see their own role in the context of a broader visual culture. Artists Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Valérie Collart and Kristoffer Ørum give examples from their own practices and recount their observations and inspiration. The book is written by MA in Visual Culture Kirstine Autzen on the basis of her curation of the exhibition *New Tactics – moving in a soft field*, which was shown by Galleri Image in 2018 as a part of the Fotobiennalen 2018. On the background for the book she says:"These days, photography and the body are both part of highly complex exchanges that can be difficult to navigate. Artists are uniquely equipped to reflect on this development: Independent of commercial interests, highly attuned to visual trends. They are also knowledgeable about the production of pictures, they know the technology and are willing to challenge it. The artists dare talk about that, which is commonly taken for granted and turn it upside down. This makes it interesting to give space to allow the artists' own reflections to supplement the exhibition experience.” The digital image and the term post-photography have been with us for several decades. However, the subject matter is still active and alive to us, new in a way, and we are still looking for ways to grasp the post-photographic image. Professor in Photography Geoffrey Batchen was one of the first to use the term post-photography in the 1990's and in the book, he reflects on the history of the term and how we can use it.

New Tactics – moving in a soft field is an interview book in Danish and English published by Galleri Image in 2019. The book is illustrated with works from the exhibition of the same title, which was a part of the Fotobiennalen 2018.  

The book costs 120 DKK and can be purchased through Galleri Image. 

On the same day as the book launch at 14.00, Galleri Image hosted an artist talk with Arko Datto. You can read more about the event here.

The book is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Kulturudviklingspuljen (City of Aarhus) and Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond.