No Name by Wang Ningde

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No Name by Wang Ningde

From May 01, 2020 to June 28, 2020


Posted by Galleri Image

No Name by Wang Ningde

This May, Galleri Image has invited renowned Chinese artist Wang Ningde to Aarhus, in connection with his exhibition No Name, which opens 16-18 on 1 May 2020. The exhibition is part of CuluturalChina in Aarhus, which celebrates the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Denmark and China and is organised by Galleri Image in collaboration with Aarhus University, The Women's Museum, Øst for Paradis, LiteratureXchange and Folkeuniversitetet, Aarhus. The festival will, among other things, include a symposium on 2 May, a talk and tour about the exhibition at Galleri Image on 28 May, two talks with Chinese authors during the LiteratureXchange festival, an exhibition with Chinese posters at The Women's Museum and a film showing at Øst for Paradis - Art Cinema in November.       

About the exhibition:
Since 2015, the Chinese artist Wang Ningde has visited different cities in China and photographically collected thousands of paint smears in urban spaces, organizing them into formal categories, and then using them to cover over photographs found on the Internet. Wang Ningde photographs the paint smears and through digital photo editing reutilizes them in composite photographic pieces that resemble something more akin to paintings — where the original subjects are slowly but surely hidden away. 

Distinctive markings can frequently be seen on the walls of public spaces in many Chinese cities. These markings are the result of paint that has been applied to cover over informal advertisements. The content of these small advertisements ranges from plumbing and locksmith services ads, to selling fake medicine, drugs, or even want ads for sex partners. Due to the rapid proliferation of such illicit postings, city management must hire staff to deal with them. The resulting paint smudges, sometimes blending in with the background wall, sometimes wildly prominent and gestural, become an efficient and cautionary way to cover them up. A record of confrontation and contradiction between two groups, these paint marks make visible the invisible operation of power. 
No Name originates from small instances of contradiction, and points to unnamed mark makers, nameless scenes, unnamed individual participants of group events. Here, the artist uses photographs to cover over images, obtaining a painterly effect, humorously referring to the complex and oft-entangled relationship between photography and painting throughout the history of art.

About the Artist: 
Wang Ningde (b. 1972) graduated from the Photography Department at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 1995 and now lives and works in Beijing. Working mainly with photography and installation, Wang is one of the leading artist photographers in contemporary China. Using multiple forms to expand the boundaries of the language of image art, his work foremost explores questions about the language and nature of the photographic image. At the same time, his work manifests a keen subjective sensibility in response to contemporary issues.

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the S.C. Van Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation, The Aarhus Stiftstidende Foundation and the City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen)