• Lisa Strömbeck

    From March 02, 2018 to April 29, 2018
    Opening: Friday March 2th
    At Galleri Image
    For the exhibition, Consolation, at Galleri Image Lisa Strömbeck presents original video work entitled The Oldest Tree in the World. This piece depicts the oldest living tree in the world which is in possession of a 9550-year-old root system at
    Fulufjället in Dalarna. In addition, she shows a unique selection of black and white photographs of trees produced through a liquid photographic emulsion technique on heavy paper. In the exhibition Strömbeck addresses how trees and pets provide a level of comfort and refuge in a society that is moving away from nature, and where people to a greater extent live alone.  Strömbeck also presents an extension of the photo series In bed (2016) that focused on the physical relationships between humans and other mammals. Strömbeck utilizes the latest research in neuroscience and anthropology, describing the neuro-chemical processes that strengthens the link between humans and animals. Research indicates that body contact between humans and animals lowers stress hormones levels and relieves both physical and mental pain.  Lisa Strömbeck was born in 1966 in Andrarum, Sweden, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 and works primarily with photography and video. She lives and works in Denmark and Sweden. Her artistic practice is, among other things, focused on the soothing contact between humans and animals. Since 1999 she has exhibited her works in several galleries and museums in Europe and the United States. Strömbeck is represented in large public and private collections, including the Modern Museum and Uppsala Art Museum in Sweden, the Swanljung Collection in Finland, the Danish Art Foundation and the Danish Film Institute in Denmark.For more information about Lisa Strömbeck: http://www.lisastrombeck.com/Saturday March 2nd at 2 pm, Lisa Strömbeck will do an artist talk at Galleri Image. This is an opportunity to experience Lisa Strömbeck give an introduction to her art practice. During this talk, Strömbeck will address the themes and works in the exhibition, as well as providing insights in to her darkroom-work practices with liquid photographic emulsion. Additionally, she will discuss her response and experiences in engaging with the world's oldest tree at Fulufjället in Dalarna. 
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  • Kristina Steinbock

    From May 04, 2018 to June 24, 2018
    Opening: 4. maj kl. 16-18
    At Galleri Image
    In the exhibition Deconstruction Of Already Existing Knowledge Of Blindness, the Danish artist Kristina Steinbock investigates the conception of blindness through cinematic, tactile, photographic, auditive and performative works. The viewer and the b
    lind are bodily present in the world in two different ways. Kristina Steinbock collaborates with blind people to provide insight into a world they are otherwise detached from and try to create openings between the two worlds and break down prejudices. The exhibition is created specifically for Galleri Image and is based on several years of study of a world of blindness, where Steinbock tries to establish overlapping areas between theatricality and identity, individual and category, and between documentation and fiction. In the videoinstallation The space before sleep, Steinbock follows three blind people and discusses three themes that make up their minds: sexuality and blindness, faith and blindness, and motherhood and blindness. The work is filmically composed of still images and tied together with a voiceover based on the three themes. In the series Untitled Photogravures, precious-print technical imprint of various moods are put into play with text through serious themes that all affect humans and the resulting blindness. For the opening there will be a performance Blind idioms by Søren Høgh, who discusses proverbs and metaphors of blindness from the Bible, which often connects sight with light and wisdom and blindness with darkness and stupidity.Steinbock is born in 1974, she lives and works in Copenhagen and has graduated from Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She works primarily with video and photography and has exhibited in Denmark and several other European countries and, among other things, won the FOKUS video art award in 2013. Read more about Kristina Steinbock here.Photo credit: Sine-Vadstrup Brooker, videostill from the videowork The Space Before Sleep from 2018 by Kristina Steinbock.
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  • Kristoffer Ørum, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Sandra Vaka Olsen and Vallérie Collart

    From August 29, 2018 to October 27, 2018
    Opening: Onsdag d. 29. august kl. 16-18
    At Galleri Image
    In 2018, Fotobiennalen will be held again in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. As in 2016, when Fotobiennalen first opened, it is a collaboration between Brandts, Fotografisk Center and Galleri Image. Galleri Image contributes to Fotobiennalen with the
    exhibition “New Tactics - moving in a soft field”. The exhibition will be open from August 29th to October 28th 2018. The exhibition explores how visual artists mix photography and other genres to create art in a time where both body and image are transformed through technology. Both bodies and photographs are improved, transformed and further developed into new realities that affect our identity and our culture. The "soft field" of the exhibition points to both the soft surfaces of the body and to software and computer programming. It is in this dynamic field, the exhibiting artists work. They are inspired equally by our classical visual history, but also by facerecognition software on the Internet. The four participating artists are: Kristoffer Ørum (DK), Nanna Lysholt Hansen (DK), Sandra Vaka Olsen (NO) og Valérie Collart (FR). The exhibition is curated by Kirstine Autzen, MA in visual culture, artist and for several years communicator of art and photography. During the exhibition period, we plan several events in Aarhus including a seminar, as well as a publication with in-depth texts and artist interviews. About FotobiennalenThrough three exhibitions and an international symposium, Fotobiennalen will focus on the post-photographic image and photography in an expanded field. The exhibition in Aarhus  "New Tactics - moving in a soft field" and accompanying seminar explores photographic hybrid forms from both a material and a virtual perspective. At Brandts you will meet a large exhibition with 20 artists who investigate the meaning of the digital in regard to our understanding of the photographic image. "Photography to end all photography" is curated by Jesper Rasmussen and Anna Krogh.   Finally, Fotografisk Center presents a solo exhibition with the artist duo AVPD, curated by Kristine Kern. Through spatial settings and experiments, the exhibition will challenge our traditional understanding of photography as created with a camera and bound to a flat surface. As a major part of Fotobiennalen, the three institutions will jointly organize an international full-day symposium in Copenhagen on the post-photographic image in an expanded field. Here you will be able to hear the presentation by international photo theorists and artists as well as some of the biennial's exhibiting artists and other participants who have contributed in various ways to the three exhibitions. Fotobiennalen opens at Galleri Image in Aarhus on Wednesday, 29 August, followed by the opening at Brandts in Odense on Thursday, 30 August. On Friday, 31 August, the international symposium as well as the opening at Fotografisk Center will take place in Copenhagen.A new collaboration with Portfolio DialogueWhen the second edition of Fotobiennalen opens this Fall, photographers and reviewers from all over the world will for the first time be able to take part in an international online portfolio review. Fotobiennalen’s booking site will launch in June 2018 at www.portfoliodialogue.com. Here, photographers will be able to set up online reviews in all of September with a carefully selected reviewer team.Photo credit: Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Dura Mater #154, 2016
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  • Festival

    From October 04, 2018 to October 07, 2018
    At Galleri Image, Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Dokk1
    Save the date: Photobook Week Aarhus 2018. The 5th edition of Photobook Week Aarhus will take place between the 4th and the 7th of October, with the events hosted at the Aarhus School of Architecture, Galleri Image, ARoS, Dokk1 and there will be pop-up ex
    hibitions in exclusive designshops like Verpan. The photobook festival convey the photo book in a current and historical perspective to the general public as well as those who work professionally with the photo book and the photograph. We have therefore invited a large number of nationally and internationally recognized exhibitors, lecturers, photographers, photo researchers, publishers, architects and leading curators, who can communicate the photo book in an interdisciplinary perspective. The festival thus represents a continuous study of the media's development and focuses on the increasing international interest in photo books that has emerged in recent years. The audience can experience and participate in a vital area of ​​the art scene. In a world where almost everyone contributes to the global image flow through social media, the festival draws attention to how the physical photo book allows for a rare immersion.  This year's edition will be on The Virtual and the physical, using the technological axis to describe the importance of the digital turn for the book. The Photobook Week Aarhus is an open forum of discussion around the medium, featuring exhibitions, artist talks, lectures, debates and conversations, during a weekend packed with interesting events. This year a Photobook Week Aarhus Dummy Award will be launched, which allows the winner to publish his or her own photobook at a acknowledged publisher!For more informatiton go to Photobook Week Aarhus' website or Facebook. 
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  • Julie Born Schwartz

    From November 02, 2018 to December 19, 2018
    Opening: Fredag d. 2. november kl. 16-18
    At Galleri Image
    Nestled in the remote town of Cascia within the mountains of southern Umbrian, lies the monastery Santuario di Santa Rita de Cascia. The monastery is the resting place of Saint Rita (1381-1457), canonised as the Saint of Impossible Causes.   The dani
    sh artist, Julie Born Schwartz, examns the legacy of Saint Rita in the videoinstallation Ex-voto from 2018. She examines the legacy both through the daily activities of the nuns currently resident at the monastery, and also through the connection between Saint Rita and Yves Klein, who held a deep fascination for the Saint and, on one pilgrimage to Casica, donated a votive to her which lay forgotten until it’s rediscovery following an earthquake in 1979.   Having been granted unprecedented access and intimacy to the daily workings inside the walls of the monastery, Born Schwartz witnessed the nuns undertake the multitude of daily tasks which constitute their very active form of faith and worship.   In the resulting film Born Schwartz draw out a meditation on belonging and belief, ultimately on the nature of spirituality itself, as seen through the prism of the nuns whose lives are held within the walls of Santuario di Santa Rita de Cascia.  Julie Born Schwartz is born in 1981. She lives and works in Copenhagen, and she is educated from Royal Academy Schools in London and Goldsmiths, University of London. Since 2011 she has been exhibiting in Denmark and several other European countries. For further information about the artist , click here. 
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    2018-12-19 19:49:00
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