Deconstruction of Already Existing Knowledge of Blindness

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Deconstruction of Already Existing Knowledge of Blindness

Kristina Steinbock

From May 04, 2018 to June 24, 2018

Opening: 4. maj kl. 16-18

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Deconstruction of Already Existing Knowledge of Blindness

The representation of blindness tends to focus on a marginalized disabled body with a defect, which rarely is viewed from a sensory bodily experience. How does identity exist in a visually dominated culture? And how can the stigmatization of the body with visual impairment be highlighted in new ways so that information moves sympathy towards empathy and understanding? This exhibition engages with such complexities and challenges common perceptions of those who are visually impaired. 

In the exhibition Deconstruction of Already Existing Knowledge of Blindness, the Danish artist Kristina Steinbock investigates the conception of blindness through cinematic, tactile, photographic, auditive and performative works. The viewer and the blind are bodily present in the world in two different ways. Kristina Steinbock collaborates with blind people to provide insight into a world they are otherwise detached from and try to create openings between the two worlds and break down prejudices. 

The exhibition is created specifically for Galleri Image and is based on several years of study of a world of blindness, where Steinbock tries to establish overlapping areas between theatricality and identity, individual and category, and between documentation and fiction. 

The audio piece The Space Before Sleep (16 min.) refers to the fact that sleep rhythms are naturally regulated by light. For those who are blind, this presents challenges in that it can be difficult to relate to such rhythmic day-night patterns. The work engages with these themes through three different people addressing: sexuality and blindness, faith and blindness and maternity and blindness. The belief question challenges the literary descriptions of blindness, where Jesus would heal the blind. Sexuality can occur later in the life for the blind because it is harder to read body language and facial expressions when sight is not the primary sense. Motherhood amongst blind mothers and children are based on techniques from hearing and sight. The audio piece is filmically composed of still images and tied together with a voiceover based on the three themes. 

The woven piece, If You Stare at Me I Luckily Don’t See It, is placed on round wooden sticks and woven with braille by Søren Nilan Nielsen from IBOS. Audiences are welcome to touch the artwork.  
Blind Idioms is made of 63 domino tiles in birchwood with letters and braille which are used in a performance by Søren Høg. He will perform in the exhibition period, sitting in silence at a table evoking sentences with biblical references, in which blindness is used as a metaphor for stupidity and uncertainty. The work changes throughout the exhibition period to other literary sentences. Audiences are welcome to touch the artwork.   

Home Sweet Home is an audio piece (18 min.) The work is based on descriptions of home as a base and considers home from four different contexts, engaging with ideas around what is a home and how is it organized when seeing is not the principle sense.

In the series Untitled Photogravures, noble-print technical imprints of various moods are put into play with themes of life-changing circumstances, which concerns humans and the occurred blindness. 

Kristina Steinbock often works 'art-antropological' as a field worker and collects knowledge about the environment and the people whom she wishes to portray. It is essential to collaborate with people from the place that she seeks to understand and thereby develop a scene that is traversed by real people. Their professionalism is that they have a lifelong experience with the role they play. This method reinforces the relationship between actor, instructor and the thematic description. In connection with the exhibition, there will be a bookrelease. Keep updated on our website and Facebook for further informations. 

Steinbock is born in 1974, she lives and works in Copenhagen and has graduated from Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She works primarily with video and photography and has exhibited in Denmark and several other European countries and, among other things, won the open call at the Silkeborg exhibition and the FOKUS video art award in 2013. In connection with the exhibition, there will be a book release. Keep updated on our website and Facebook for further information. Read more about Kristina Steinbock here.

June 23th at 11.30 am - 12 am, a performance with Søren Høg is held at Lille Torv.  
June 23th at 2 pm - 4 pm, an Artist Talk with Kristina Steinbock is held at Galleri Image. 

Photo credit: Sine-Vadstrup Brooker, videostill from the videowork The Space Before Sleep from 2018 by Kristina Steinbock.

The exhibition is supported by Kulturudviklingspuljen (City of Aarhus).