Screen Shots: Desire and Automated Image

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Screen Shots: Desire and Automated Image

Zach Blas, Jemima Wyman, Petra Cortright, Sebastian Lütgert a.k.a. Robert Luxemburg, Winnie Soon, Sarah Shorr, Michael Mandiberg, Anna Ridler and Kristoffer Ørum.

Fra March 08, 2019 til April 28, 2019

Fernisering: Friday March 8th from 4. pm - 6. pm

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Screen Shots: Desire and Automated Image

Screen Shots: Desire and Automated Image is a group exhibition and symposium curated by Assistant Professor at Aarhus University, Magdalena Tyzlik-Carver.

This group exhibition presents the work of 9 artists who produce images with the use of computational processes of image making. At the heart of the project is a networked image that does not simply result from performing a set of gestures: aim, frame, capture, share, common in social media culture. Rather the focus here is on a distributed and durational quality of presented works performed and executed by different agents, at different times and to different ends. Showcasing images as hybrid, subjectivised and algorithmic (mathematical) this exhibition investigates the relation between computational process of generating image and the way that the artists inject their desires and activate affect as operational within a computational system.

If we consider the image as a scene we fall in love with, one that we want to capture and keep, what are contemporary infrastructures of image-making where a computer becomes one with a camera? How does this computational process of photography shape and organise the scenes that we so want to keep​ and those that are made for databases? What are the stories that we want to remember and those that can be generated by the data query? Today, images captured with a camera that is a phone that is a computer result from networking of humans and machines, social media platforms and their users, algorithms and data, protocols and resolutions. And in the process we learn what it means to see like a machine, and we teach machines what it is that we can see and feel. Human intervention in the computational process injects love and anxiety; humour, desire and mourning are translated into data and processed by algorithms. Photography is defined as technology and a medium of representation, but what is represented, how and for whom is not that obvious to see.  

Artworks in this exhibition engage images to expand both our understanding and experience of them. Captured with the screen-shot function the image is processed and performed as a story, a collection of data or executed as a computer program. The desire to see more leads to the image as imaginary. In effect what is introduced as part of Screen Shots is not just considered in terms of what images represent but rather as complex processes of data manipulation and remediation. Taking into account the distributed photographic apparatus and its infrastructures the exhibition aims to showcase the very process of image making as imaginary scenes performing stories, bodies, data, affects and computation.

The exhibiting artist are: Zach Blas (UK/USA), Jemima Wyman (AU/US), Petra Cortright (USA), Sebastian Lütgert a.k.a. Robert Luxemburg (D), Winnie Soon (HK/DK), Sarah Shorr (USA/DK), Michael Mandiberg (USA), Anna Ridler (UK) and Kristoffer Ørum (DK).

Photo credit: 
Sebastian Lütgert a.k.a. Robert Luxemburg, the conceptual crisis of private property as a crisis in practice, 2003.

The exhibition is supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Kulturudviklingspuljen (City of Aarhus), US Embassy Small Grants Program and Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond