Seminar: Tactile Tactics

 As part of the programme around the exhibition “New Tactics – moving in a soft field” in Galleri Image, we are organizing the seminar “Tactile Tactics”. 

The seminar focuses on the artists potential to use materials and techniques in a tactical and responsive way in a post-photographical visual culture. How does the interplay between artist, technology and materials manifest itself? How can artists relate tactical and responsively to the surrounding world? How is it possible to act thorugh materials and works?  
Deltagere ved seminaret:

Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen:
Ph.d og Assistant Professor at Aarhus Universitet, Inst. for Communication and Culture, researches art and new technologies. She will speak about tactics, agency and critical thoroughness in relation to the i New Tactics-exhibition.

Kristoffer Ørum:
Artist and a part of ”New Tactics – moving in a soft field”, Galleri Image. Starting from the works ”Putin’s Nose” Kristoffer Ørum will speak about identity creation as both a privat, commercial and political  identitetsskabelse som et både privat, kommercielt og politisk issue. 

Jesper Rasmussen:
Curator of the exhibition ”Photography to End All Photography” at Brandts in Odense. Through an introduction to the show ”Photography to End All Photography Jesper Rasmussen investigates the exhibition's relevance in a digital visual culture and the tactics of different photographers in the digital image world. 

Kirstine Autzen:
Curator of ”New Tactics – moving in a soft field”, Galleri Image. Kirstine gives an introduction t0 ”New Tactics”. 

Moderator: Judith Schwarzbart, rector of The Jutland Art Academy

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Venue: Det Jyske Kunstakademi / Galleri Image 

The seminar is organized in connection with Fotobiennalen 2018 by Galleri Image in collaboration with Univeristy of Aarhus and The Jutland Art Academy.

In relation to Fotobiennalen there is also exhibitions at BRANDTS - Museum for kunst & visuel kultur and Fotografisk Center, as well as a Vision Salon on October 4th organized by Fotografisk Center in cooperation with Bikubenfonden.

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